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  1. Recent acquisition of a 1952 Ford M38CDN. This jeep was found locally and was restored from the ground up. It is a very historical vehicle in that only 2135 were made between February and November 1952. The Canadian Army bought complete jeep parts from Willys in Toledo Ohio, then contracted Ford of Canada. Technically speaking, this is a US military jeep built under contract in Windsor Ontario. The modern Monte Carlo in the background is getting jealous because of the attention I am giving the old girl. It is painted to portrait a South Alberta Regiment jeep.
  2. Here is another view of this pretty little rig.
  3. The latest addition to my family. It is a 1952 M38CDN, made by Ford of Canada. This jeep was built in March 1952, and is one of 2135 M38CDN jeeps built by Ford. It has been very carefully restored to nearly perfect military specification by a local restorer and former CF serviceman who worked on military vehicle restoration. This little rig is much more rare then any Willys of Ford from WW2 due to the low production numbers. They were only made from February 1952 to November 1952 with an average production rate of 6 per day. The Ford of Canada plant was located in Windsor Ontario (also b
  4. Interesting discussion. Over the past four years I have been a civilian member of the local reserves museum board. They have a small museum dedicated to the regiment built into the armoury. About three years ago the original curator quit...he was a serving reserve member with decades of service in both the regular force and reserve. The original first curator was not a collector and he visited my personal "Mini Museum" in my basement. As a board we approved the selection of a serving reserve member to assume the role of curator, he was military vehicle restorer and vehicle collector. A
  5. Here is the overall group from the above post
  6. A recent acquisition. Small id'd group from 1902. The saber is an 1860 Staff and Officers saber engraved with a Captains name and unit. The large document is his commission to Captain, the small photo is his company. He is in the photo on the extreme left holding the saber. The back of the photo has handwritten; Co. "K" 1st Infty. N.G.N.M.,...Las Vegas New Mexico,... Aug. 3, 1902...Capt A.R. DaCosta
  7. Awesome Photo of a Desco Re-Breather on a mannequin. I have been looking for a pair fins for sometime now to go with my Re-breather, but have been unsuccessful. Thanks for sharing the photo.
  8. Here is an interesting book. Leather bound presentation issue of the World War One unit History of the 88th Division. Check out who it is presented to, at the bottom right corner.
  9. Here is new photo, disregard teh Photobucket
  10. Alonzo

    Marine Collection

    That is an incredible collection!!! Very focused and well displayed. Thanks for sharing!!!!
  11. It has been a while since my last addition to this thread so I thought I better do this. The link is on my YouTube channel and was shot in 2012. I named it "My Sentimental Journey 2012". It is of a flight I took on a B-17 Flying Fortress. It was the realization of a life long dream. Hope you enjoy.
  12. Very nice!!!!! I like it...like it a lot.!!!! Best to surround your self with what you enjoy. Thanks for sharing
  13. Recent addition to "The Pile", posted in uniforms. Am looking for info on USAF Flight 288 April 1965, the Last Raiders. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/198675-i-know-its-usaf-but/
  14. Just recently acquired this from a collector in central Alberta. The story is (yes, I know one does not buy the story) that the airman was Canadian, from Saskatchewan, and served in the USAF during ht eVietnam period. I do not have a clue in what capacity though by the looks of it the Air Police badge may indicate something...or nothing. I am not well versed on USAF stuff of this era and the 1960's is the latest artifacts I have in the collection. Your help on this would be appreciated. BTW the uniform came with the service cap numbered L8248. Here are the pics. What is with the Whit
  15. Just performed a minor transformation in my main living room. The wall was covered with 1940's ads featuring the b1-7 Flying Fortress, plus the other wall had some nice large B-17 images and few Army related photos. The major piece in teh room was the Saving Private Ryan framed poster and autographed photos. It was time to let SPR go and focus on one of my true passions. The B-17 Flying Fortress The Before pic The Saving Private Ryan Poster The After image, Memphis Belle poster and lobby cards, The display case is not yet completed as I will be putting more stuff in it.
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