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  1. So I guess this tunic is also a "put together"... https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW-2-USAAF-Pilots-OD-Service-Dress-Uniform-jacket-Named/254625434512?hash=item3b48dbcb90:g:8KUAAOSwz3Je5kr1 Is there anything we can do to stop a crook like this?
  2. Hi, this is a very nice grouping and finding this kind of uniform with the story and all makes it very interesting! I hope you will find the other half of the group, a real pity that the group split up, probably just for the money... Good luck and thank you for showing! ??
  3. I just had a look in this thread and i think i have to visit my doctor to but my jaw back in place... My mouth fell open of all the beautifull things a saw... Thanks for showing your wonderfull collections! I used to collect only Belgian pré war pilot uniforms and uniforms from Belgians with the RAF during the second worldwar but as there is nothing to find nowadays i decided to widen my focus and bring some USAAF back home to the ETO... After searching for some months now i have to say that i am a litte confused about not finding anything... Do you guys have a explanation why thes
  4. I really love this thread! A nice combo of collecting militaria and quality design! ??
  5. Very nice uniform! Like it a lot! Just to let you know but if you should ever visit the surroundings of Baugnez, there is a very beautifull museum there. A part of the museum is dedicated to the Malmedy massacre... https://www.baugnez44.be/en/1.htm
  6. Hi Aurelius, great you could ID the original owner of this uniform...It's always nicer to look at a uniform when you know his history! Maybe you can explain how you did your research so we can learn how to do it in the future!
  7. You really don't have to apologize, you did find a lot of information! A lot more than i could find so thank you a lot!
  8. . Aznation, can you tell in which BG or FG he was in?
  9. RVR


    Thats a very cosy and stylish militaria room! Happy newyear!
  10. That is rather a museum than a collection room! Really nice to see that collections like this are shown because it really is motivating to other collectors like my to try to have the same high standards! If I see high end collections like yours I cant stop wondering were you find these classy uniforms... I try to find me some USAAF uniforms and look at Ebay and the know dealers and dont find anything ?
  11. I can truly say that your collection is - in my opinion - one of the best i saw... Maybe not the biggest but quality always goes above quantity! Thank you for posting it! Is the 8th Air Force Ike identified?
  12. I don't see the pictures but as a proud Belgian i am sure they will be top quality
  13. That is a really nice uniform and story... A real hero if you ask me... I was in Bastogne a couple of weeks ago and the C-47 guys were well remembered, as it should! Thank you for showing this uniform!
  14. RVR

    My war room

    Woow Dede, to be honest, for me, this is one of the most beautifull collections i have ever seen! USAAF all the way, very nice uniforms and other items, can only dream i have 1/10 of your collection! Thanks for showing!
  15. Men, i would love to own that uniform ... I hope Jumpin Jack can see my posts, is he banned or is that a technical error?!
  16. That is why i don't seem to find any Original 8th and 9th air force uniforms anymore ... You have the most amazing collection i have ever seen!
  17. that is a very nice cap and wonderfull displayed... Bancrofts are top of the bill for me and if you find one for a good price you can not doubt! thanks for showing!
  18. Hi guys, A few months ago i decided to give my collection an other direction and wanted to focus on the USAAF 8th and 9th airforce during the second world war. The only things i wanted is that the tunics are named and somehow had a link with the country i live in, Belgium. The connection should not be a big one, flying a specific mission in the Battle of the Bulge for instance is big enough... I thought it would be easy to find some things but in the meanwhile i learned that my task isn't an easy one... As i am without any doubt a newbie maybe the other members can help me were i ca
  19. Hi all, sorry to inform you that the fourragere is not a Belgian one...
  20. Very nice uniforms you all show here, but not only the uniforms are great, the stories behind the uniforms are even more interesting!
  21. Dag Johan, Leuk je hier tegen te komen! ??
  22. I hope you dont mind that i make a little correction about the giving list of the Generals medals. The third last ribbon is the Belgian Order of the Crown, Grand Officers degree...
  23. I have plenty of room in my garage so decided to make my own men cave. This was an overal view once it was done and i hadnt put anything in yet... i mainly collect Belgian uniforms so that is why i put up a Belgian Flag and period pictures of our King and Queen at that time... hope you like it!
  24. Woow, that is a very nice and cosy room! Very tastefully decorated! I would love to sit there and enjoy the collection!
  25. Very nice to see that a forum like this can bring things together! I love the uniform and the way it looks on the mannequin!
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