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  1. Very nice pictures, if i only could have one of these uniforms...
  2. Hi guys, thank you a lot for your help, it is really appreciated, you were a big help... Now i am waiting for a WWII chocolate shirt and tie i ordered and when all is complete will post other pictures... @JDK: better a bit to late then never is my motto so i am very glad you gave your opinion about this jacket... @dmar836: with the jacket came two Second Lieutenants bars ( and you can see clearly evidence on the jacket that there once were lieutenants bars on it ) a Navigator wing, they were all in the left pocket... There were no other wings at the mens home and the son told me
  3. Hi guys, so I went to Brussels a few days ago to collect the jacket... Seems the man who put the jacket on the sale site was the son of the former owner of the jacket... Unfortunately the man died a few months ago and his wife who was in here late eighties I think and whome I also met was going to life with here son... The man was an engineer and worked with Sabca, (that’s a Belgian aero company). I could see the man was a fervent model builder and had a couple of uniforms among which the A-2. The wife told me that the uniform was in there house as long as she could rem
  4. ☺️, no harm done, thank you for your answer... Now I see what the problem is, I was wrong in my post, I must have been distracted. The A-2 was for sale with an other collector, I had a good feeling for it and I asked him to reserve the jacket for me for a couple of hour so I could ask for opinions here ☺️... So i ment: “Nobody? Promised the seller i would let him know if i will BUY it or not... My mistake... But in the meantime I bought the jacket, will post it on this forum the moment it is on mannequin in full uniform! thanks again guys! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  5. Hi there, so, because I don’t have the knowledge it means that I can’t be interested in the A-2? I have bought a few books about the A-2 in the past because I always wanted to buy me one but they are so expensive that I don’t dare to buy me one without asking your help... I didn’t know that they were people who were annoyed by my question... I know that I’m not a big help on this forum but I mainly collect Belgian RAF and wanted to extend my collection with some of there American brothers... So I am certainly no antique dealer, only a Belgian collector who wanted some help...
  6. A big thanks guys for your opinion, very much appreciated! I had a good feeling with this jacket and it comes with the positive ID of the original owner... He was the navigator on one of there B-24’s... He and the crew were shot down during his 23rd mission - 29th May 44, POW in Germany... Will post more pictures when I have them!
  7. Nobody? Promised the seller i would let him know if i will sell it or not... 😟 In my opinion it's a good one but would feel more comfortable when some of your expert would give me there opinion! Thank you guys!
  8. What do you think guys, could this be the real thing? Thanks for your help!
  9. So I guess this tunic is also a "put together"... https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW-2-USAAF-Pilots-OD-Service-Dress-Uniform-jacket-Named/254625434512?hash=item3b48dbcb90:g:8KUAAOSwz3Je5kr1 Is there anything we can do to stop a crook like this?
  10. Hi, this is a very nice grouping and finding this kind of uniform with the story and all makes it very interesting! I hope you will find the other half of the group, a real pity that the group split up, probably just for the money... Good luck and thank you for showing! ??
  11. I just had a look in this thread and i think i have to visit my doctor to but my jaw back in place... My mouth fell open of all the beautifull things a saw... Thanks for showing your wonderfull collections! I used to collect only Belgian pré war pilot uniforms and uniforms from Belgians with the RAF during the second worldwar but as there is nothing to find nowadays i decided to widen my focus and bring some USAAF back home to the ETO... After searching for some months now i have to say that i am a litte confused about not finding anything... Do you guys have a explanation why thes
  12. I really love this thread! A nice combo of collecting militaria and quality design! ??
  13. Very nice uniform! Like it a lot! Just to let you know but if you should ever visit the surroundings of Baugnez, there is a very beautifull museum there. A part of the museum is dedicated to the Malmedy massacre... https://www.baugnez44.be/en/1.htm
  14. Hi Aurelius, great you could ID the original owner of this uniform...It's always nicer to look at a uniform when you know his history! Maybe you can explain how you did your research so we can learn how to do it in the future!
  15. You really don't have to apologize, you did find a lot of information! A lot more than i could find so thank you a lot!
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