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  1. Hi Dan. I collect a few non-bullion CPO ratings but the major focus of my collection is bullion CPO ratings up to 1948. However, your RRG system is still of value to my collection. While it would be extremely valuable to know the numbers of sailors within each of the ratings throughout their existence, to the best of my knowledge that data is not available. As a result, I have always considered the degree of difficulty of obtaining a particular chief petty officer rating badge for my collection as the guide to determining rarity, as you mentioned above. I do not associate rarity with cost beca
  2. Love this Chief Aviation Pilot rate with gold wings Dan. Difficult to find.
  3. Thank you for the effort on this RRG draft Dan. After reviewing your draft and digesting David's comments, I will offer any additional comments I may come up with.
  4. Well you never see that rate for trade or for sale, ever. WOW. I have one like that. What I need is your green one, lol. That is the only green AR rate I have ever seen. It is a beauty.
  5. The Airship Rigger is King Dan. Great looking rates.
  6. The John Stacey books that vintageproductions mentioned are the references you want. They list all the rates with pictures, effective dates for each rate, and a description of the rates.
  7. Thank you for sharing this. Apparently, this is not a well known piece of history but certainly should be.
  8. Thanks Mort for the increased knowledge regarding reproductions. Sharing of information is one of the many benefits to be enjoyed on the USMF.
  9. I totally agree with the earlier comment regarding seeing more bullion examples of the CPO Airship Rigger rate than non-bullion. I have three bullion examples but have never had the opportunity to try to purchase a non-bullion one. They just almost do not exist. Undoubtedly, one of the rarest CPO Navy rates. I loved seeing the one in this collection.
  10. Nice collection kyhistorian01. I also have collected some of these Diver distinguishing marks. They can be found black/blue on khaki and even some in bullion. In addition, some salvage diver marks have a red S rather than white or blue.
  11. I love the info shared on this thread. Thanks everyone. I was fortunate enough to find a Type 1 this year for my collection. Even though Type 1 is the most common, they are still difficult to find.
  12. 0bx

    Bill Wise

    So sorry to hear this. I was introduced to Bill shortly after I started collecting many years ago and he was always very friendly and available to help with my questions. He will be missed. RIP.
  13. That's a lot of right shoulder aviation rates navyman. As a rate collector, you've got to love those. The aviation quartermaster and rigger rates are just amazing and not that easy to find. Thanks for sharing.
  14. GEMSCO was also known as the General Embroidery and Military Supply Company at one time.
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