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  1. great diorama!!!!!!!!!!! i build one of these too showing some us soldiers in the snow during the battle of the bulge,it,s great to build such things ,the whole thing comes like alive in the end.
  2. that,s a very nice model!!!!!!!!!
  3. you,ve got great skill i,m an amateur compared to you.
  4. looks very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! andre
  5. great figures would be cool to collect those but ok can,t collect everything
  6. great condition!!!!!!!!!!Nice liner !!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. nice looking helmet!!!!!!!!
  8. nice helmet i had one of these found in belgium ,i sold it now ,a bit sad cause these are really cool things to have. I had to choose between german and us militaria cause my room got too small,that,s the way it goes sometimes.
  9. great stuff!!!!!!!!Are these nurse jackets hard to find?
  10. Nice stuff i,m an electrician and it,s so nice to see that they had tools already then that we still use now. andre
  11. i like those relics a lot they tell a story ,that,s so nice!!!!!!!!!! andre
  12. I had the same problem sending to Italy once ,the package was lost somewhere in sicily, i got a claim and had to pay back through paypal,it,s a bit hard to figure out what happened , one has to be careful nowadays . I also think it,s annoying that people make up stories to sell things better ,it,s better not to believe stories unless you buy from a really good dealer. andre
  13. here,s a picture of the back kind regards andre
  14. hi is this a ww2 bronze star or is it a later one? kind regards andre
  15. hi i,d like to know from what period this dogtag is . I haven,t got a clue
  16. hi guys what do you think about this jacket is it real?It,s hard of course to say if the patch was put on later or not. kind regards andre
  17. Andre

    how about this?

    Hi here,s a picture of an m32 jacket i oculd buy from a dealer. Is it the right stuff?It has the lighter color on the inside . The guy said it said this inside ........ Aug. 1, 1944, Ridgeley Sportswear, MFG. 60........ But it was hard to read. Is it ok? Andre
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