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  1. VMF-212 | Fighting Squadron 212 | "Hell Hounds" and "Musketeers" Commissioned 1 Mar 1942 | MCAS Ewi, HI Deployments Guadalcanal | September to November 1942 (F4F-4) Solomons | August to December 1944 (F4U-1) Philippines | January to May 1945 (F4U/FG-1A) Okinawa | June to September 1945 (F4U-4) Aircraft: F4F-3A; J2F-5; SNJ-3; F4F-3; F4F-4; FM-1; F4U-1; F4U-4 Aerial Combat Record: 126.5 victories, 8 aces Nickname: | Early War: "Hell Hounds" | Late War: "Musketeers" Insignia Bulldog with Tommy Gun (Walt Disney Stud
  2. 82nd Air Depot Group | 5th AAF Stations: Barrackpore, India (1942), Abadan, Iran (1943). Disbanded: 1944 Theater-made. Indian embroidery on wool.
  3. The insignia of the 2nd Combat Camera Unit (AAF, CBI) was subsequently used by the re-designated 11th Combat Camera Unit.
  4. 63rd, 64th, 65th & 403rd Bomb Squadrons | 43rd Bomb Group | 5th AAF | theater-made patches Constituted as 43d Bombardment Group (Heavy) on 20 Nov 1940. Activated on 15 Jan 1941. Trained with B-17, B-18, A-29, and LB-30 aircraft. Flew some antisubmarine patrols along the New England coast, Dec 1g41-Feb 1942. Moved to the Southwest Pacific, via Capetown, Feb-Mar 1942. Became part of Fifth AF. Equipped first with B-17s, but converted to B-24’s, May-Sep 1943. Operated from Australia, New Guinea, and Owi Island, Aug 1942-Nov 1944, making numerous attacks on J
  5. XX BOMBER COMMAND | Twentieth Air Force Bomber Command Constituted as XX Bomber Command on 19 Nov 1943 and activated on 20 Nov. Assigned to Second AF. Moved to India early in 1944. Assigned to Twentieth AF. Engaged in very-long-range bombardment operations from. Jun 1944 until all of its tactical components were relieved of assignment in Mar 1945. Moved to Okinawa, Jun-Jul 1945. Inactivated on 16 Jul 1945. Disbanded on 8 Oct 1948. WINGS. 58th: 1943-1945. 73d: 1943-1944. STATIONS. Smoky Hill AAFld, Kan, 20 Nov 1943-12 Feb 194; Kharagpur, India, 28 Mar 1944-17
  6. CASU-54 | Carrier Aircraft Service Unit Fifty-Four CASU-54 was based at NAS Fallon, Nevada, 1943-1945. Silkscreened on aircraft fabric. What is a Carrier Aircraft Service Unit? CASUs ran in various sizes depending on whether they were formed to maintain 45 planes, 90 planes, 180 planes, 270, or the big 360-plane outfits. They had a standard complement of officers ranging from 16 to 89 and enlisted men from 16 to 89 and enlisted men from 185 to 1,500. There were scores of CASUs operating on islands in the Pacific and a few large
  7. 4th Airdrome Squadron | Fifth Army Air Force | 4th ADS 5th AAF After arriving in Australia, the 4th ADS thereafter served at Townsville, Queensland and various locations in New Guinea and the Philippines at locations including Port Moresby, Tsilli Tsilli, Nadzab, Hollandia as well as other sites. Theater-made. Silkscreened on aircraft fabric. Airdrome Squadrons were designed to provide the minimum cadre to run an air base for a limited time, temporarily run an airfield soon after the aviation engineers set it up and once permanent ground c
  8. 2073rd Base Unit | 2073rd AAFBU Silkscreened on leather. Fully Embroidered. Source Polder, Jerome. Comprehensive Illustrated Guide to United States Air Force Pocket/Shoulder Insignia. Aeroemblem Publications. Wichita Falls, Tx. 1988. Vol. 5, p 151. descending winged bomb surrounded by two stars seven stars three stars
  9. VC-63 | Composite Squadron Sixty-Three Established: 20 May 1943 Disestablished: 23 October 1945 Deployments | Southwest Pacific 3 January 1944 - 18 May 1944 | CVE-62 | USS Natoma Bay | FM-1, FM-2, TBF-1C, TBM-1C 15 June 1945 - 7. September 1945 | CVE-71 | USS Kitkun Bay | FM-2, FM-2P, TBM-3, TBM-3E Silkscreened on aircraft fabric | Design by Walt Disney Studios Embroidered on wool | Design by Walt Disney Studios Sources Disney Dave CV-63 Cruise Bo
  10. I don't think the patch in Post #1 is of WWII vintage. The only embroidered variety I have seen is shown below. See my post, here.
  11. Both reproductions. There are a plethora of these fakes/reproductions. An easy tell is the slit in the fabric of the reverse of the patch.
  12. I don't believe the patch in Post #1 is an original WWII insignia. Two theater-made originals are posted here. The embroidery does not look English to me. The irregular border also is a tell. Originals exist both with a one-color lower lightning tip and two-color. It is not known if the two-color variety has any significance, such as second tour, etc. All of the original WWII patches I have seen have the characteristic black coating the entire reverse of the patch, including the embroidery.
  13. 487th Fighter Squadron | 352nd Fighter Group | 8th AAF LINEAGE. Constituted 487th Fighter Squadron on 29 Sep 1942. Activated on 1 Oct 1942. Inactivated on 10 Nov 1945. ASSIGNMENTS. 352nd Fighter Group, 1 Oct 1942-10 Nov 1945. STATIONS. Mitchel Field, NY, 1 Oct 1942; Bradley Field, Conn, Oct 1942; Westover Field, Mass, Nov 1942; Trumbull Field, Conn, c. 15 Jan 1943; Mitchel Field, NY, c. 8 Mar-Jun 1943; Bodney, England, c. 7 Jul 1943 (detachment operated from Asch, Belgium, 23 Dec 1944-27 Jan 1945); Chievres, Belgium, 28 Jan 1945; Bodney, England, c. 14 Apr-4
  14. VMF-471 | Grim Reapers Commissioned: 5.15.44 Deactivated: 9.10.45 Artist: Guy Oliver Date of Insignia: October 1944 Authorization: HQMC Aircraft: FG-l, F3A-I Manufacturing Details: American embroidered on wool. A very rare patch. Source: Millstein, Jeff. U. S. Marine Corps Aviation Unit Insignia 1941-1946. p 93.
  15. Yes 4th Fighter Squadron. See here. FYI . . . Not 71st Fighter Squadron, as here. Not VMF-471
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