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  1. Ha! Had a few of those moments. “W-T-F is that?” she says... I says, that’s a M813 5 ton truck, I couldn’t not buy it.
  2. My most lucrative find was a very nice mostly complete lightweight rucksack for $5 at a garage sale. Held on to it for a few years then sold it for considerable profit to fund other stuff. Picked up a named 1942 footlocker in great shape today for $7.50. Probably could have negotiate for less, but it was already a price I was happy to pay.
  3. Army post TASC’s collectively produce(ed) a lot of training aids, but they are often kept on hand for many years. Not terribly rare, but high quality and some of the few dummies/replicas that are still legitimate military items. Very cool.
  4. Looks familiar, but I cant place it. What is on the other end? What is inside? What is it made of?
  5. Pioneer tool/land clearing kit perhaps? The more recent versions have a similar sized chest.
  6. Drilled or not, nice looking ‘03. Hope the price was right.
  7. Lots of good finds on eBay, you just have to be vigilant. Plenty of fraud too, but still easy to find good stuff.
  8. Picked this up today at an estate sale. Good shape, no dents. Haven’t seen many of these around. I’ve never seen a blue one. Have to wonder if someone repainted to replicate a dummy bomb. Faint original marking on one end.
  9. Gman, thanks for posting a recent photo. Authorized gear is a relative term. A lot of units have a very liberal field equipment policies, and some units have very strict policies. It's all based on commander's policy and unit SOP. I'm glad to see an ALICE pack still in use, and it is somewhat surprising to see a young troop using it. More commonly, you'll see seasoned troops using older gear.
  10. In 2001 at Fort Lewis I had a GM Hydra-Matic produced M16 that had been converted to an M16A2. Probably produced in 1969 or 1970. My unit received some sort of radio remote from 1951 as a substitute item for a different piece of kit around 2012. It was all new in the package, I unpacked it and was astounded that it been in storage for that long just waiting to be sent to us. It was clearly the wrong item, but had been marked as a substitute for a different NSN somewhere along the way. I wish I had taken some pictures. I always like this story. https://www.wearethemighty.com/a
  11. Although MOLLE made an initial appearance around 1997, it wasn't widely issued until after 2001. There were several types of load bearing vests (LBV) issued between ALICE load bearing equipment (LBE) and MOLLE. Both vests were garbage in my opinion, when given the choice I never really switched from an ALICE LBE until I received MOLLE in 2005. I saw a number of other Soldiers that did the same. I never saw a piece of issued MOLLE prior to 2005. I was still issued an LBV with ALICE ammo pouches, canteens, a pistol belt, and an ALICE rucksack in 1st Brigade, 25th ID at Fort Wainwright in 2007. I
  12. It was issued well into the 2000's. I was issued a large ALICE ruck as late as 2007 in 25th ID. Replaced by MOLLE, but I'm sure ALICE is still out there.
  13. Less restricted vision toward the sky. Certainly makes sense for AA gunners. Thanks.
  14. Interesting. I would have thought it was a flight helmet too. On a side note, it appears as though two of the sailors pictured on this page are wearing their M1 helmets backwards. Any known reason they may have done this, or just general unfamiliarity with the M1? https://pilotsmanyourplanes.com/Page_148.html I've seen rookie Soldiers put their PASGT or ACH on backwards just because they are poorly trained and/or have the awareness of a hammer.
  15. Those went fast. I see they're out of the ENS bayonets too. Those were a pretty good deal when they had them for 3 for $50.
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