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    Collect, Trade, and as a last resort sell any and all items worn on US military uniforms. Primary interest is Army color SSI, next would be all badges and medals. Have a small collection of Officer & Enlisted branch insignia, ranks, cheverons and rates most from WW II on, with a few from WW I time frame. Just starting to put together the Warrant ranks. Not into DIs even though I've got over 1500 for trading.

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  1. Killing time at home going through some boxes and looking to ID 7 buttons. 1, 4 & 7 are small size and 2, 3, 5 & 6 are large This is about as good as my picture taking goes unless one of my kids or grand-kids come by. Thanks, Bill
  2. Looking for an ID on this Medal. It is a collection belonging to a Ret. LTC, USAF pilot. Thanks, Bill
  3. Found this one, not the same maroon? California Army National Guard Medical Units CA ARNG beret flash patch #398 c/e
  4. Tonomachi, 468 abnarm and patches, thanks for the replies. Any thoughts on the Flash? Bill
  5. Looking for an ID on these: Flash- All maroon, ME standard size. Oval- Blue outer ring, White inner ring, light Grey (?) center and White jump wings, CE standard size. The oval, I think I received as a kid in the 60s just didn't understand about ID ing way back then. Thanks, Bill
  6. Jackson Armory 6255 N.E. Cornfoot Rd Portland, OR. 97218 Bill
  7. Could this have been a locally made unit (13) patch for the Chinese Training / Combat Command ???
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