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  1. Hey James, Here are scans of a few rare eagle patches from my collection. The green and yellow parachute cap oval is from the effects of John Brown. Brown was an MP in the 101st and jumped as security for Gen. Taylor in Normandy. He was killed a few day later while on a mission to pick up supply bundles. This is one RARE patch as no-one that I have ever met has seen another one like it. It is English made on felt. The type 8 patch came from a man named Gee who was in the 907th PFAB. It is as mint as they come since it was originally in a celophane wrap. The wrap was so brittle that
  2. One other tid bit that I left off regarding Yates' uniform. He obviously liked to have things around the skirt of his jackets. Check out the camoflage chute material on the inside of his jacket!
  3. All of Yates' wings are pin backs. He did not stitch the 506 oval to his uniform as it is just pinned to the jacket by the wing. Next yates item will be his Normandy and Holland worn M-42 reinforced jump jacket. It was never impregnated and has a bandolier stitched around the inside bottom portion of the coat for smokes and other items. He wore it under his M-43 suit in Holland. Interestingly, while in Bastogne he wore a British paratrooper jump smock over his uniform for the duration there.
  4. Here's a couple shots of Gordon Yates' cut down 4 pocket class A. Notice he crossed stitched the British type B-1 patch, Allied Airborne and rank on himself. The 506 DI's are Austrian made and check out the dog tag chain stitched around the cap oval.
  5. Wings with original arrowheads and stars attached are scarce and are NOT the norm. I have two sets of wings that belonged to Gordon Yates of H/506. The set on his ike jacket has two stars and the set that is loose has two stars and an arrowhead. The wing shown in this thread is of the same type that I have seen turn up in many 505/82nd Airborne groupings for some reason.
  6. Good thread Rich! I know that you know the "Secret Handshake Society" comment was made in jest as there are some here that know what that relates to. I absolutely agree that information needs to be shared amongst the collecting community. But, some of this information should be shared carefully. Most of the time the info IS posted here or at other forums and that is great. But there are still some details that should be closely guarded. One of those is the reinforcing issue. Even the top repro artists in the world are still unaware of this MAJOR difference and it is and should be
  7. Why try to be polite in regards to him? Snyder is a scumbag of the highest order. In fact, when you look up "scumbag" in the dictionary it has his picture underneath it. I also have heard that he was not a Major and wasn't even in the military? He has got to be the worst dealer on the planet! I think his website says something like, "All the collectors on the East coast know me". Oh yeah, they know you all right Charlie! What a beat off.
  8. What a great grouping! Thanks for posting the pics and the story.
  9. Thanks for the comments guys! I should note that the DSC is a wrapped brooch style. The Soldier's Medal, Purple Heart, Good Conduct, Bronze Star, American Defense and WWII Victory Medal are all slot brooch style. The American Campaign and EAME medals are the only ones that are crimped brooch style. In the pockets were a Ruptured Duck lapel pin and two different American Legion lapel pins. Below are excerpts from two letters he sent me. The first letter discusses that he is "happy to give me all of the uniforms, medals and other things" that he has from his time in the Airborne. In this
  10. Thanks Kurt. Yeah, I lost three complete 82nd ABN, jumped on Normandy, reinforced jump suits not to mention nearly all of my personal uniforms, equipment, medals, etc. Everything I had was direct from a veteran and was given to me when I was in High School or prior. It was arson caused as someone torched my old man's motor home that was parked at the side of the house. The fire spread and took out the garage, the office, kitchen and part of the living room, so half of the house was raised.
  11. I have left everything just as I received as well. Notice the EAME ribbon is upside down and the Soldier's Medal should follow after the DSC ribbon.
  12. Hi Kurt, There is a good reason that it was forgotten to time. My parents house burned some years ago and I lost MANY great and irreplaceable items. Just another one that has turned up and thought to be lost. Both the Good Conduct and the Soldier's medal look to be done by the same hand. What do you think? The DSC number falls in the range of other known Airborne DSC's although to my knowledge they are not traceable. I have another named Airborne DSC numbered 18603 so just roughly 1000 off of this one.
  13. Thanks Kyle, Good to hear from you as well! The USA tab is British made and one that I believe U.S. pilots would have worn on their British made jackets. It is the first time that I have seen it done on an Airborne jacket however. The jacket is a private tailored made one from up where he was originally from.(Nudelman Bros. Portland/Seattle) its a 44 as Nash was a barrel chested guy. It's fully lined and of the highest quality.I like the un-pleated pockets.
  14. The reason I titled this thread New/Old grouping is because I found this long lost grouping in a box that was stored over at my mothers place. Through several moves by my parents and myself over the years, the box just ended up hidden away in their storage container and forgotten about until recently. So, a few months ago, mom calls up and says, "I found a box in the container and it has a bunch of your old military stuff in it". I say, "GREAT! Is it my old uniforms and equipment?" Well, she doesn't know old stuff from newer stuff so I finally picked up the box just recently and found this
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