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  1. I have not been collecting much of late but could not pass up the 13th FA Patched Athletic Sweater with Track hash mark. Three photos attached plus one of the 13th FA that is all ready in my collection. Sweater size is small 13th FA Sweater patch 5.5 X 8 13th Track hash-mark 1.25 X 4.5 13th FA patch from my collection 5 X 7.5 Hope you all enjoy Mason
  2. Mort All the credit goes to Steve for the detective work. I helped by buying the patch three years ago with a cyber handshake that Steve would keep pounding the pavement for an ID. So, we all benefit in end.
  3. I bought the patch in question from Steve in DEC 2016 and it is still with me!
  4. Steve If it wasn't for you dogged determination we would never have the patch Identified and I still would have patch without a name in my collection. Thanks again Mason
  5. I want to thank all of you who gave their opinions, pro and con, on this patch and that is the purpose of the forum. Once I got my hands on the patch I was hard pressed to call it a repro as it just felt good and the craftsman on the patch was top notch. I was fortunate enough to have Bob and Ron take it for a spin around the block at the Mesa Show and they both made the statement "no way in hell is this a fake". Now I have another great 45th patch to add to my collection and I am glad I went along with my gut. Mason
  6. Well everybody I am the one who was the high bidder on the 45th reproduction patch. And, yes I new full well what I was getting into! Even before I bid I had relayed my concerns to a fellow member: Two stiff, Paki back, but then the bullion work looked very well done. He alerted me to the conversation on the forum with I followed with great interest, My reason to go all in was the quality of the reproduction so that I can study it in detail and have one on hand to compare with other questionable patches that may come along. I will make sure I mark the back as a reproduction and I will t
  7. Gap Here is the back of the patch you asked for. I will also post a re scan of the front side. Mason
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