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  1. They have vibram soles...and an ansi tag on the tongue, i can't seem to find a manufacturer.
  2. That was my dad's suggestion as well. The soles are identical with almost no wear. All the markings on the inside of the boots match one another. So they are a pair.
  3. So, I got this set of boots for at work, I figured these are a great set of leather, high protective boots.. I did notice that one sole is thicker/taller than the other. Is that normal for these boots?
  4. Yeah, it was Misspelled and the main photo of the listing was the camelbak. So I was sneaky.
  5. I've been looking for one of these for a while. I use an assault pack on my motorcycle and general woods hiking. I have larger packs for multiple day trips.. But I wanted something in the middle. I snagged this pack for $60 and I love it! I'm just curious, there isn't much info about these online like... At all! I keep seeing "hydration compatible" pop up in descriptions of the pack..I have a couple different camelbak, civilian and usmc. I can't quite figure out where they say to hook it up..
  6. Got myself a 1967 shoulder rig today for 25$ Sent using Tapatalk 4 on my phablet Note 2
  7. Okay guys, check this out. I think I'm pretty setup for Florida camping. It weighs under 10lbs. And I still have extra room for more if I want. The front packs are empty, as is the pouch on my shoulder.. Debating putting anything in Em.... I have my hammock, tarp, 2 extra hanks of paracord military lensatic compass... First aid, three different ways to make fire, water tablets and my Sawyer squeeze filter system, Extra socks, some things of ramen. 2 bars of travel soap, and a handkerchief, My water will be a 2qt canteen with cup and a camelback. It's not perfect, and not f
  8. I don't need an apology. I love detailed answers. Sent using Tapatalk 4 on my phablet Note 2
  9. Thats right, the woodland one doesnt have the connections to keep it from flopping around if you wear it like a pack.....same with the 1956 pack.
  10. But the woodland buttpack is made to work with the IIFS system.....or it it universal.......hmmmmmmmm
  11. Okay, so now I see the difference....there is USMC m67 which is hens teeth rare... then I guess Army m67... I use different combos of gear when I hike and camp, mostly milsurplus. My next experiment I plan to do is a 1956 buttpack, under this training pack, on a set of 1967 army suspenders. Is there a specific pack the army used other than the training pack I got?
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