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  1. I found this item at a military flea market this year and I'm having a hard time pinpointing what it exactly is. A couple ideas on what it may be are.. A) 92nd Division related 10th Cavalry related C) something else.. maybe 99th Aero Squadron (post-WW1) It's made of brass - gold gilted - it's a screw-back device - made by Bastian Bros. Rochester, NY (double stamped on screw and actual piece). It measures 1.5 inches wide x 1.25 inches high Collar or Hat device? Any help is very much appreciated
  2. Hello all: I have a good knowledge of EGA's... but this one is kind of stumping me, because I can't find another one to compare it to. It's just marked "Bronze" on the back... no maker name or "Fire Bronze". Has an officer style. Very well made with nice detail. Is is earlier than a M37? I tend to think it is. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Ryan
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