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  1. Super patch. It is similar to the one on paulspasstime.com, but at $100 it's far out of my reach. Here is a pic of it:
  2. It's an Ebay listing from seller nchs, item #380159873951. There is a pic of the back there. Definitely a patch you don't see every day.
  3. Found this patch on ebay, and although out of my budget ($100 + postage), it was interesting. Here is a little I found online: Women Marines Detachment-2, MCAS, Cherry Point, 1951 After an absence of four years, the first Lady Leatherneck, Captain Helen A. Wilson, USMCR, reported aboard MCAS, Cherry Point and marked the first time Women Marines had served there since the last of the wartime Women Reserves left in September, 1946. ...the Women Marines at Cherry Point were engaged in varied roles ranging from teletype operators to weather observers and control tower assistants... Effective 1
  4. I too love the older USAF patches, especially the 4-digit units. Back then from what I've been told by Vets, it was some wild and crazy times. The newly formed Air Force had Korea and the Cold War to deal with. The patch designs really speak to that.
  5. Yes, The T-33/F-80 is a logical call. I think the F-94 series evolved out of the T-33.
  6. Patchcollector, I agree on the reason that U-2 was there. It always amazed me what the Air Force thought people would accept as truth. It was also something in those days to see B-52's at Mildenhall. Once again the "story" was that they were passing through.
  7. 48MMS


    Also, were do you feel this patch was made?
  8. Other than airshows, I have seen the U-2 twice. In 1982 it was at Eielson AFB doing atmospheric (weather) work or so claimed the the 6th Strategic Wing, maybe so. The first time was the day after the Iranian hostage situation. As I was coming into work, there was one near our hanger, roped off and with a heavy compliment of Security Police. As with Eielson AFB, it was there for weather purposes.
  9. The F-104 engine was too modern. The engine depicted in the patch is very similar as are the wing tanks to the attributes of the F-94.
  10. 48th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Langley AFB
  11. 48MMS


    No pic of back, the seller said it was mounted to a plaque and is covered with glue. If I do get it, I'll post pics of front & back. Thanks gentlemen.
  12. 48MMS


    Would like opinions on this patch. I understand it was in service from 1952-58. Thank you.
  13. Looking at the engine design, it could a F-80 or F-94B unit. Sure looks USAF. Another fantastic looking patch and no disrespect to the Asian made fans, but that is quality I have never seen from the far East.
  14. Great work! Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy when collectors display their collections. And I realize the "naysayers" will bring up putting out fodder for the repro artists, but they can get scans easy enough, so a weak argument at best. Great to be able to cross reference patches, especially before one buys or trades. I hope to have my non-SAC collection up soon, however it pales in comparison.
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