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    CPO! Airship Rigger CPO, gold wing pilot rates CPO in grey, white, or khaki, bullion pilot rates CPO, bullion Pharmacist mate Gold lace chevrons pre WW2 CPO, and 1897 style CPO, Navy/Marine Corpsman Pharmacist Mate WW2 era CPO khaki or green

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  1. Looks like 1941, especially since many rates tend to have sloppy "4s" on them
  2. Very nice pickup, and I am in agreement about Gunner's Mate and Electricians Mate. Aviation Electricians Mate I have found to make a good bullion as well, along with Commissaryman. I have some of these in bullion I do not have pics yet, but I will be posting eventually
  3. Thanks, I was fortunate enough to pick up that bullion in a lot, so I got it for a good price. One of those right facing bullions of Signalman went for $60+ on Ebay not long ago so I was fortunate to pay much less.
  4. What I like is, how they added slightly whiter thread on the insides of the flags, it makes it stand out, and makes for a sleaker appearance.
  5. It also looks great in pre war, I just picked up a 1913-1930s white and love it.
  6. Thanks, speaking of which I have a right facing signalman red on blue with gorgeous bullion I still need to post. Signalman is one of my favorite bullions.
  7. Anyone have any theories and/or knowledge of this fine bullion rating badge. I theorize it could be a Drum Major like in John Stacey's book.
  8. I love that chevron style on that red on blue one. Signalman definitely makes a fine bullion
  9. Love it, especially the Aviation Machinist and Gunner's Mate CPO's!
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