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  1. The item in the upper left of the 1st photo, appears to be part of a Durham Domino razor (Patented in 1907). Here's a pic of one that I have that belonged to my grandfather. It's not yellow as it appears in the pic. The metal is chrome plated.
  2. http://www.marlowwhite.com/cgi-bin/commerc...&key=01-182
  3. Here's a picture of him from 1966 when he was an 05B4S Commo Sgt in E Co, 7th SFG.
  4. What county/service awards the CFMB? The TIOH lists no such badge in the US Army http://www.tioh.hqda.pentagon.mil/Uniforme...rmy_badges.aspx
  5. What did one's feeder MOS have to do with SF MOS?? If my feeder MOS was 11B Infantryman and I went through the SFTG Communications Course (05B2S) would I have worn Infantry brass or Signal Corps brass, or my feeder MOS was 64B would I have worn Transportation Corps brass?? How did the the wearing of different brass make SF part of the Infantry? If it was part of the Infantry was the 1st SF Regimental flag changed to Infantry blue? Were the company guidons changed to Infantry blue with crossed rifles?
  6. Thanks for the info. What was the CFMB? I'm familiar with the CMB and the EFMB but not the CFMB. As far as I know, an individual could not earn the CIB and CMB for the same war.
  7. 1. Even if SF 11Bs, 11Cc, and 11Fs wore Infantry brass during that period, how would that make SF part of the Infantry Branch? If the 05B4Ss wore Signal Corps brass, 12B4Ss wore Engineer brass, and the 91B4Ss wore Medical Corps brass.......did that make SF part of the Signal Corps, Engineers, and Medical Corps too??? 2. You say you got that information "somewhere"....maybe BigJohn got it from the same place as you...does that make it true?? Do you always take an individuals word as gospel, with out knowing his background, or confirming what they say with reliable sources? Where did Bi
  8. In the photo of Barry Sadler in the TW's and 7th Grp beret two rows of ribbons are visible below the CIB. Top row: Purple Heart; Second row left to right: Good Conduct Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, and Air Force Longevity Service Award. Missing were the National Defense Service Medal and the Vietnam Service Medal, and unless the reg changed later the AF Longevity Service Award isn't authorized for wear on Army uniforms. Correct me if memory is wrong, but I don't believe SF medics (which Barry was) were eligible for the CIB back then ('65), as they are today. They were awa
  9. The FSSF was disbanded in 1945, so what unit(s) would have been wearing them between 1945 and 1970?
  10. 3 November 1969 "While on patrol in Laos the team was attacked by a numerically superior enemy force. SSG Brown was shot and wounded in the side, and SGTs Wald and Shue were wounded by a fragmentation hand grenade. The remainder of the patrol members were forced to withdraw leaving the three Americans behind. Bad weather prevented the insertion of a search team until 11 November 1969. The search found combat web gear belonging to the wounded Americans, but nothing else. These men were listed by the Department of Defense as missing in action (MIA), "presumtive finding of death." SOG Vol
  11. The fleur-de-lis is the symbol of the City of Louisville, KY.
  12. 05B4S

    G.I. Blues

    Check fire! You're talking out of your azz. Harlan Sanders was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel by the Govenor of Kentucky in 1935 " The highest honor awarded by the Commonwealth of Kentucky is that of Kentucky Colonel. Commissions for Kentucky Colonels are given by the Governor and the Secretary of State to individuals in recognition of noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding service to a community, state or the nation." Source http://www.sos.ky.gov/executive/kentuckycolonels.htm Elvis Presley, Muhammed Ali, Omar Bradley, Norman Swartzkopf and several members of my
  13. I disagree...original's never had the double border embroidery that Ranger Jones' has on his "Patch #1" Here are some pic's of actual issue 7th Grp flashes from the 60's. Photo from 1966 7th SFG Yearbook
  14. I can't see where hand wash and air dry would be necessary since these patches were designed to be sewn on fatigues/BDUs/ect, washed, dried, starched, and pressed by commercial laundry services or by the soldier himself, hundreds of times.
  15. 1 JUL 69: Army & USAF 1 JAN 72: USN & USMC 1 OCT 74: USCG
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