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  1. It looks like the same knife that Ray Liotta is seen wearing in the 1995 film Operation Jumbo Drop. Danny Glover's character has a modern kabar upside down on his shoulder strap while Ray's knife is but end up with some frayed 550 cord for a strap.
  2. Since the sheath is heavily modified, it could be legit but the knife definitely is a modern production.
  3. That’s the one - thank you.
  4. It’s not the China Marine part of the story, it’s the modern knife in a modified sheath.
  5. Yeah, China Marine, ok ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-USMC-Ka-Bar-Fighting-Knife-Named-to-China-Marine-1st-Marine-Div-R-D-Brunner/202981153685?
  6. The blade looks like a BOC manufactured M7.
  7. WOW that's crazy. Anyone dishonest person with a little knowledge of a desk top layout program and a 600 dpi printer could bang those things out by the hundreds. Dirty it up a little and pocket a thousand dollars. Like SKIPH said above, lets see how this unfolds.
  8. The sheath is always the biggest giveaway before even seeing the knife. Great reproduction of the knife though.
  9. The handle has been sanded down near the guard so yes, its been "cleaned" up.
  10. I would wager its a repro for many reasons but still a good one. http://www.usmilitaryknives.com/boyt43.htm
  11. Similar to the version Eickhorn was going to produce.
  12. Yup, also the post war Ka-Bar marked knife is a repro, not government contract. Features that set it apart from WWII production: black plastic spacers, fat pommel with single sided pin, large USMC stamping, black painted guard, black paint in the grooves on the handle, USMC marked sheath.
  13. That is a great movie for sure. On one of the close ups the knife appears to be a Camillus as opposed to Ka-Bar manufacture. Its a WWII manufactured knife.
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