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  1. Looks like The only difference is they added the inscription and white spacers to an MRL repro.
  2. Doing a little research it sure looks like the same knife by MRL that Doyler posted some years ago:
  3. Here’s the description: This auction is for a premium quality very rare Vietnam War fighting knife combat weapon with the original leather sheath and whetstone, marked on the knife: VIETNAM - 5TH SPECIAL FORCES GROUP (ABN) - and with a S.F. crest: DE OPPRESSO LIBRA - This Airborne high end fighting knife has a tight stacked leather ring finger grip handle with white spacers, steel blade guard and lanyard hole pommel, and a very sharp clip point Bowie encapsulated full tang high carbon steel blade with a dark blue/black gun barrel finish. This knife is in excellent condition
  4. This one is currently swimming in the bay at over 400.00. I sent the seller a picture of the Museum Replicas add from 1986 But he chose to believe the owner he got it from. Caveat emptor.
  5. Unscrupulous person if it was purposely made to deceive but ultimately caveat emptor.
  6. It looks like the same knife that Ray Liotta is seen wearing in the 1995 film Operation Jumbo Drop. Danny Glover's character has a modern kabar upside down on his shoulder strap while Ray's knife is but end up with some frayed 550 cord for a strap.
  7. Since the sheath is heavily modified, it could be legit but the knife definitely is a modern production.
  8. It’s not the China Marine part of the story, it’s the modern knife in a modified sheath.
  9. Yeah, China Marine, ok ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-USMC-Ka-Bar-Fighting-Knife-Named-to-China-Marine-1st-Marine-Div-R-D-Brunner/202981153685?
  10. The blade looks like a BOC manufactured M7.
  11. WOW that's crazy. Anyone dishonest person with a little knowledge of a desk top layout program and a 600 dpi printer could bang those things out by the hundreds. Dirty it up a little and pocket a thousand dollars. Like SKIPH said above, lets see how this unfolds.
  12. The sheath is always the biggest giveaway before even seeing the knife. Great reproduction of the knife though.
  13. The handle has been sanded down near the guard so yes, its been "cleaned" up.
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