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  1. It is off a felt pennant or pillow case
  2. Looks to me like his unit awards are upside down, The Korean UC should be last not first
  3. A couple of clarifications. AAFTD does stand for Army Air Forces Training Detachment (AAFTD). AAF Technical Training Command (AAFTTC) schools were AAF Technical School (AAFTS). Civilian schools under contract to AAFTTC had AAF Training Detachments. AU is THE Aeronautical University, Chicago, Illinois. They were contracted to train aircraft and engine mechanics. Hope this clarifies things for you. As a note, I need one of these patches for my personal collection.
  4. I believe the first patch, NAFD - ATD is North African Ferry ATC
  5. Thanks. The one depicted on the KS CAP Wing website depicts a different emblem Looking for almost all the KS Cap Squadron Squadron patches.
  6. Two not before seen AAF Contract Pilot School Flight Instructor Insignia. Had a chance to visit a fellow collector this past week. While going through his collection found two interesting Flight Instructor Flight Jacket Insignia. Obviously custom design the first one is decal on leather, while the second one is hand painted on leather. 5th AAF FTD, Hemet, California 310th AAF FTD, Yukon (Oklahoma City), Oklahoma Also a neat license plate topper, really nice Enjoy
  7. Recently obtained a patch I think is associated with the Kansas CAP. Any body have a positive ID on it
  8. Although I have been collecting AAF / CPT / CAA WTS civilian flying training stuff for over 40 years, I have also been unable to find information on Haskell Flying Service. I do have a nice unused version of the patch, which I am sharing below. Enjoy
  9. Recently obtained a group of Marine Corps Medals. In it were two Pre-WW2 Medals: Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal M.No. 3767 Marine Corps Yangtze Medal M.No 5555 Although these medals came as a lot, cannot say they are all to the same man. Would someone direct me to a source that may have info about the recipients. Thanks for your help
  10. I think it was worn by a pilot employed by one of the numerous CPT / CAA War Trainng Service Schools. Do not think it was worn by anybody at one of the AAF Contract Pilot Schools.
  11. Definitely KanSAS State GuaRd office uniform
  12. From personal experience I can say the later blue on white plastic name tags were not worn on the Ike Jacket. Ribbons and name tags were optional. Some time after I arrived in Bermuda, we started wearing white on black name tags. Will check some pictures that may reveal additional information
  13. It has been a while since I have posted to this thread, so thought I would add three Hicks Field in my collection The small wing was also used as a hat badge. It was married to an Army Officer's cap badge with the "GLORY" removed - round thingee with the 13 stars The patch with "HICKS / FIELD" on a light blue shield is the earlier of the two. The patch with the gremlin is the later issued Some time after the detachments were redesignated with numbers. ENJOY
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