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  1. There is a thread here, and yours match the example manufactured by Federal Prison Industries, Inc. The example linked was made in 1944, but unless you have a complete list of contracts by that particular manufacturer, you can only guess yours are from the same contract year
  2. I believe you are mistaking your jacket for this which would have a spec tag
  3. The lower pockets on the back are solely used as game pockets in hunting jackets. I'm inclined to say this is a civilian model of a wool logger jacket. They did make military issued version of these jackets in the 30s, however they were made out of canvas and had snap buttons. There were also no game pockets, and the cape was lower at the base of the jacket, as there were no game pockets. I've can't recall ever seeing these game pockets used on a military jacket, so the fact those are there, make me question this isn't just a mistaken version of the army mackinaw, which was made out of wool, but had two lower pockets on the front, no double cuffs, etc.
  4. Was out thrifting today and came upon this OG-107 shirt. Any ideas as to when the lettering may have been sewn on and if this is of any significance? I'm aware of FTA being placed on other items, but haven't seen something like this before. Thanks.
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