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  1. Can someone please narrow my identification of this item. It came from a Vet of 1898 Spanish American War. He was in Cuba. I believe it is Mexican. Sword, bayonet??? Thanks,
  2. Nice clean kit. Missing a silver tray. You can see the diameter of where the tray would go (about six inches in diameter). Interesting that it has everything else but the tray. International Silver provided communion ware items to denominations who sent their clergy into the military.
  3. Chaplain School, June 1943. Naval Training Center, Sampson. He was on Treasure Island (Naval Training and Distribution Center), 1 June 1944-24 Jan 1945 Then the 36th Naval Construction Battalion, for most of 1945.
  4. Well done!!! Thanks for telling the chaplain story.
  5. What does "UTAFP" stand for? I have a pamphlet that described escorting remains. It is UTAFP-243. I have found other documents with UTAFP that also deals with escorting remains. TIA.
  6. Very nice to see. Could you post a closeup picture of the chaplain? It appears the chaplain could be Protestant. That would be the case if he is using the issued black scarf (eagle over the cross). If the scarf is purple/violet then he could be Roman Catholic which would fit well with the kneeling soldiers. Protestants kneel, but not as much. Again, very well done and so nice to see.
  7. Where does it say that he was the recreation and morale officer?
  8. Here is a lapel pin. What is USR? U.S. Reserves? Also, I was told that since it was black, it meant the person was the chaplain. Other colors were for different branches.
  9. Are there any pictures or information about chaplains or religious services? Thank you for posting this.
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