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  1. Last, and perhaps most hopeless - a mate for this poor fellow.
  2. Looking for matches to all of these as well.
  3. Looking for a few matches as well. Some fairly common, some I think will be tough to match. I've got a bunch of Marine stuff to trade for the right pieces. Clockwise -- "STERLING," No hallmark, pinback - I think this one goes on the shoulder boards, GEMSCO, and H&H officer dress collar emblems.
  4. I just did a quick search of the USMC Muster Rolls and there is a considerable amount of handwritten and typed documentation on a Marine named "Allan Navan" which came up when I widened the parameters for spelling. I didn't look too closely, but he seems to have served around the time period you're looking for, 1910-1914. I suppose it's not outside the realm of possibility he served under a slightly different name after leaving the Army the first time, and Mr. Navan had considerable sea duty with the Marine Corps between Mr. O'Nevins' first hitch in the Army and the American entry into World
  5. Thanks. I don't really collect much Vietnam era stuff. I suppose the challenge now is to try and figure out why someone had a French jump smock done up with US materials.
  6. They could. Kane is a company that makes fasteners like this. Not sure it helps date the piece, but according to the Kane-M website they started in 1987. They operate in China, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, and the US. I don't see an M on here and the site references a parent company, so it's possible Kane M absorbed a pre-existing Kane operation from one of those countries.
  7. There are marks inside the snaps, and stars, but because of the way they're punched through, all I can make out is "AN" -- "France" perhaps? I don't recognize the maker either. May also be "KANT"
  8. It IS! I just googled French Jump Smock and apart from the bottom being slanted inwards, this is almost a direct copy. Thanks.
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