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  1. Cole's books are astoundingly good, considering that they were line drawings. He was able to catch all the nuances of the knives, actually better than a lot of photos, but some of his drawings go back to the late 60's. Nothing takes the place of an actual photo, especially with the accompanying text. How much did you pay for the fake? Take Mikedon's advice.
  2. Atlanta Cutlery did make some Smatchets in the 70's-80's time frame. I would agree that it is likely Atlanta Cutlery, probably made in India. Don't feel too bad. A fake Taylor Huff was sold 3-4 years ago for about $5,000. I had purchased it, but as soon as I received it, I knew that it was a fake. Had a hell of a time getting the seller to take it back. He said that he had sold it for a long-time collector and that it was real, which was total BS. I told him that it could have also been an Atlanta Cutlery repro. The seller still has me blocked as a buyer on Ebay. Some collector has an expensive Taylor Huff fake in his collection and probably doesn't realize it. Best policy, especially for more expensive knives is to make sure that the knife can be returned. As a note to other forum members, there are a lot of fake M3's and some M4's on Ebay that have been made with parts. Sometimes they have brought a lot of money. I recall a blade dated Kinfolks 5-6 years ago that was mostly made up parts. Someone paid a big price for it. I repeat. Even if you are on a limited budget, reference books should be your first investment. Good reference books are a minor investment for collectors when compared to the benefits. The books can keep you from buying bad knives and at the same time prevent you from passing over a rare knife.
  3. Case did make the original Smatchet with the walnut handles. Case did not make your Smatchet. Textbook example of the need for reference books.
  4. I have had some members of the forum request my latest list of knives for sale. I am not sure if this is the proper way to communicate, but if anyone would like to receive my list, please email me and I will send the list. My email is billwalters1948@gmail.com.
  5. Thank you Sactroop, I do have a mint one available. I have nearly 20 great knives for sale. Anyone wanting a copy of my list can contact me. Bill
  6. Very nice, unused condition. I would not term it as being mint.
  7. I agree with you. You are correct that the premium knives bring the premium. Thanks, Bill
  8. Doyler, you may be referring to me as having paid $405 for a Robeson Shuredge USN Mark 2. I thought that it was a bargain at that price and never thought that I would be the winner. This is not your average Mark 2. If you look at #1, page 375 in my Book Two, you will see this variation. If you look at the text, you will see that it is the rarest of all Robeson USN Mark 2's. As a matter of fact, this is only only the fourth one that I have ever seen. In addition to the grey "Navy" finish on the metal parts , the handle and pommel are unique to this variation and unlike any other Robeson Mark 2's. I bought for rarity. It is another reason to have good reference books. Keeps you from purchasing bad knives and from missing great knives.
  9. Get some photos of it and post them. If it is mint and correct, I will give you a profit. Bill
  10. Ken, A couple books have been written on he Paramarines. I am working on getting copies. I am hopeful to get more info. Bill
  11. Thanks for your compliments. Yes, both medals are named to Patsko.
  12. Book two at 676 pages is about 2 ¼” thick, 8 1/2 pounds. The book quality is outstanding. The full page, color photos of the knives and sheaths are excellent. It was printed by Josten’s in Clarksville, TN., home of the 101st Airborne and Fort Campbell. The cost of the book including shipping in the US is $217. I prefer that you either pay with a cashier’s check or money order. Paypal is fine, but please pay “friends & family” to avoid the 3% credit card cost. International shipping costs vary. PLEASE NOTE! IF YOU DIDN’T GET A COPY OF BOOK ONE OR WOULD JUST LIKE TO PURCHASE ANOTHER COPY, I WILL INCLUDE A COPY OF BOOK ONE FOR THE WHOLESALE COST OF $65, when purchased with BOOK TWO. THE TOTAL COST FOR BOTH BOOK ONE AND BOOK TWO IS $282 SHIPPED. If you are a collector of WW2 US, British, Australian and New Zealand knives, these two books are the only books that you will need. My Paypal address is my email address: billwalters1948@gmail.com If you are mailing a check: Bill Walters 3204 Morningview Dr. Louisville, Ky 40242
  13. The book is more of a collector's book, not a research paper.
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