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  1. Here is a interesting read. With out the detent the most important part of any fusee chain driven chronometer needs that was hand made until this clockmaker figured how to mass produce them instead of making one at a time and were the number of chronometer the US Navy needed in WW2 would of never happened. https://nawcc.org/images/stories/public_articles/395_56_63.pdf
  2. Also read out of the book Military timepieces by Whitney if the quartermaster forgot to wind it possible captains mast it was that important to wind it when there was no GPS like we have today.
  3. Here is a little info of the ship this Hamilton Model 21 chronometer came of off I think. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Cygnus_%28AF-23%29 http://www.navsource.org/archives/09/06/0623.htm The repair receipt has the name of the ship after it was returned to civilian duty. Reminds me of this ship in this movie Mister Roberts and my old ship the USS Mauna Kea AE-22. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mister_Roberts_%281955_film%29
  4. Graff, Washbourne & Dunn were New York silversmiths but during WW1 made stuff for the US Navy see link below had a feeling WW1. http://amhistory.si.edu/navigation/object.cfm?recordnumber=761616
  5. The WW1 US Navy Chelsea made around 1918 that I got the WW1 clinometer for as you see the same issue type number on the dial next to were you put the key in to wind it except it's on the back of the clinometer. My Grandfather was in the Navy in WW1 what made me want to get the clock and clinometer.
  6. Well got the WW1 era US Clinometer got it next to my WW1 era US Navy ships clock same style issue numbers on both.
  7. Had a Freind who was retired Navy and was a yard bird in San Diego before he moved to MT he had a large US Navy Govt safe he used as a gun safe. His wife got rid of all that stuff when his health went south. Would of like to get my hands on that safe.
  8. When they closed all the bases in the bay area they had some warehouses of stuff from the bases for sell. Went and check one out at Alameda Naval Air at the time I did not think this stuff was cool I did not have the collecting bug yet. Remember those Govt steel desk and those metal chairs and probably these file cabinets. So I bought nothing now I regret it I bet I could of got one of those file cabinets that had a safe section instead of a drawer. And maybe a Govt large safe dam a missed opportunity.
  9. Ya I remember those brown paper burn bags with red strips if I remember right. Now I need a furnace to burn them
  10. These were to show how level the ship was. I remember in a typhoon these did some weird things. They show how many degrees the ship rolls.
  11. Last winter a buddy ask me if I wanted a US Navy File cabnet with those lockable bars that lock all the drawers. Has US Navy stenciled on one side. And on one drawer is the label NAVSEA Det 122 I said hell ya brought my Truck over the hill to Virginia City MT and picked it up. I remember these things on ship and on base they don't make them like this any more. Even got a US Govt. padlock to lock it up. I have it in my office. Some thing you don't see every day. I still wonder how this thing ended up in Montana. Kind of cool in a way. And not bad for free.
  12. The WW2 one the way it was recieved in the mail.
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