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  1. Been puzzling over this for years, posted on the USMF with no success. But, after seeing a thread about M67USMC gear I wonder if this is a prototype for that gear. It looks like the common e-tool canvas cover except for the swivel.
  2. SS and 1st Div are screw back, the BS pin is a fixed lapel version. Didn't want to take them out of the frame so sorry for the picture quality.
  3. Didn't think it was in question, was showing some that were actually used.
  4. Here's a couple pre-war Marine shots, looks like the old WW1 lanyards were used, at least here.
  5. I give the seller credit for revising the listing after hearing from some of you.
  6. This motar round has a bunch of text on it. The body is: 8 LOT 106 23140 44 1942 AS 00 MM M49A2 Maybe the AS 00 MM is really AS 60 MM? The bakelite nose has: PDF M52B2 LoI WC-4-5 Some of this might be wrong, some of the letters are not clear to me so I guessed. Also the aluminum? tip is spring loaded, can be depressed and pops back up.
  7. Wait a minute, if it's really cheap it would be a fun shooter.
  8. Who would have been carrying this?
  9. Had this since childhood, a practice round? Marked M49 A2.
  10. So Commando was Kabar's generic name for the 7" Parkerized knife, then given a military spec name when adopted?
  11. Interesting to see the 7" Parkerized Commando in the ad, looks just like the Mk2, was that a civilian version sold at the same time?
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