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  1. Very interesting thread, great detective work. https://www.hqmc.marines.mil/Portals/61/Enclosure 2 (1st Flag Raising Photos).pdf for more photos.
  2. http://quanonline.com/grenade/index.html
  3. I do like the wear patterns, adds character.
  4. This is one that my father (Col. L.G.Ditta USMC) wore at some point, it was with his things so I assume he wore it. All I remember personally is the more ornate ones he wore, but this matches the one in the original post. I've included shots of his other two.
  5. Unusual because the barrel just has the year, not month. All Inland except firing pin (Winchester).
  6. Would be interested in that info also, I have one but with older Colt slide and parkerized.
  7. Here's another, our fathers got us gear when we kids wanted to play Marines. Colored black per later specs.
  8. Second to Catfishcraig's suggestion on adding this thread to Reference.
  9. Been puzzling over this for years, posted on the USMF with no success. But, after seeing a thread about M67USMC gear I wonder if this is a prototype for that gear. It looks like the common e-tool canvas cover except for the swivel.
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