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  1. Looks more like a tribal knife from North Africa.
  2. Here's my flaming bomb proofed D.S. And holster.
  3. Nice grouping! If you could supply some images of the German holster , front & back , I might be able to help you with an ID.
  4. I picked this up at an antique show last weekend. The fellow mentioned in the discharge enlisted for a four year hitch but was discharged after three.There's a notation that he was not recommended for reenlistment though scoring good to excellent marks for obedience, military efficiency and sobriety. I think I found his resting place on Find-a-Grave where his D.O.B. was listed as 1913 rather than 1912 as shown on the discharge. The grave is located in Huntington , N.Y. where he was born. Could he have been discharged for lying about his age at enlistment as he would have only been 17 in 1930?
  5. I believe it's a British bayonet made by Heighington. Len
  6. I picked up a three digit serial number (398) Commando a while ago but never got a letter from the Colt historian. Well I rectified that recently and discovered that my revolver was shipped to the Curtis Key Co. in Euclid , Ohio in late December 0f '42. The Curtis Co. manufactured machines for making keys but suspended those operations and switched to war production , most likely auto parts. The company's main plant was in Cleveland and I think the Euclid location must have been rather small since the December order consisted of only a single Commando. Well here are some pics. Len
  7. If I remember correctly painted symbols on the top of the bayonet grips indicates use by the Imperial Navy. Nice score!
  8. I know the neck band & sweat band are later replacements. There are the remains of pieces of cellophane tape inside the liner as well as the name "Schatzi" maybe the tape secured a pic of a wife or girlfriend?
  9. I came across this helmet , pilot's kit bag and ribbon bar at a local antique show. The shell is a Schleuter and I believe the liner is a Hood Rubber though it lacks the"HR" initials. It belonged to Sgt. Arthur T. "Doc" Savage. The dates of his assignments are listed on the kit bag , the earliest year being (19)50. I think his medal bar shows both an Army Good Conduct as well as an Air Force version. So I guess he was in the Army/USAAF before the USAF?
  10. Here are some pics of a revolver I recently acquired. it's a Colt Official Police probably made in '43 and marked with the US Ordnance flaming bomb. It's one of about 5,000 purchased by the US during the early part of the war. I've read that Uncle Sam wasn't happy with the high cost per unit of these guns so Colt went back to the drawing board and the Official Police underwent a metamorphosis and emerged as the Colt Commando and having shed its commercial blueing and fine checkering on some small parts. Len
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