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  1. Looks more like a tribal knife from North Africa.
  2. Here's my flaming bomb proofed D.S. And holster.
  3. Nice grouping! If you could supply some images of the German holster , front & back , I might be able to help you with an ID.
  4. I picked this up at an antique show last weekend. The fellow mentioned in the discharge enlisted for a four year hitch but was discharged after three.There's a notation that he was not recommended for reenlistment though scoring good to excellent marks for obedience, military efficiency and sobriety. I think I found his resting place on Find-a-Grave where his D.O.B. was listed as 1913 rather than 1912 as shown on the discharge. The grave is located in Huntington , N.Y. where he was born. Could he have been discharged for lying about his age at enlistment as he would have only been 17 in 1930?
  5. I believe it's a British bayonet made by Heighington. Len
  6. I picked up a three digit serial number (398) Commando a while ago but never got a letter from the Colt historian. Well I rectified that recently and discovered that my revolver was shipped to the Curtis Key Co. in Euclid , Ohio in late December 0f '42. The Curtis Co. manufactured machines for making keys but suspended those operations and switched to war production , most likely auto parts. The company's main plant was in Cleveland and I think the Euclid location must have been rather small since the December order consisted of only a single Commando. Well here are some pics. Len
  7. If I remember correctly painted symbols on the top of the bayonet grips indicates use by the Imperial Navy. Nice score!
  8. I know the neck band & sweat band are later replacements. There are the remains of pieces of cellophane tape inside the liner as well as the name "Schatzi" maybe the tape secured a pic of a wife or girlfriend?
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