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    Anything that is OD green, khaki, white, blue or camo will at least get my attention!! Other interest besides military include HD's, American history, boxing and Baltimore Ravens football and the original Lynyrd Skynyrd. But what is most important is keeping my children on the right path.

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  1. I believe that they are RDF ERDL pants.. Easy way to find out is to compare the pants to a pair of BDU pants and the camouflage pattern on the ERDL pants will be noticeably smaller.
  2. Dang, that was a pretty high speed squared away A1C!!
  3. The bag is sealed so I cannot look at the tag on the blanket itself without tearing open the bag. With that said I have to go on the information you provided, which I appreciate. Thanks!
  4. I got this new in the bag US Army blanket from the same dealer I purchased the two cots that I listed last week. He informed that he got all the items from the same estate sale and everything was Vietnam War related. Obviously I don't want to open the bag and my questiion is can anyone possibly tell me what era the blanket is from by the information on the tag in the bag? Thanks!
  5. I picked up two very clean Vietnam era cots today and I have a couple of questions. I at first thought that the metal cot was a just your ordinary everyday cot and I was only going to take the wooden cot. I then took a closer look at that cot and noticed the DSA number and the year 1967. My first question is about the wooden cot, it has a DSA-1 and the number 68 is at the end of the set of numbers in the middle. It is not separated with that said would that still indicate the year? My second question is about the DSA number on the metal cot. Whats with the DSA 400 number? I just don't reca
  6. I do believe that the firing mechanism is considered an explosive and therefore they are in fact illegal.
  7. The US Navy has their Liberty cuffs and its obvious that some Marine just wanted to one up the Navy and took it a step or two further.
  8. I appreciate the information and do you suggest anything to use to clean the medal? Thanks!!
  9. I don't know if I should admit this but I still have a working typewriter.
  10. I have not but I would assume that it would be easy enough to do. Thanks!
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