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  1. Thank your for your answer!
  2. Hello, thank for your answer. I used a loupe and couldn't see well the hallmark. "could be robbins"
  3. Can you tell me period, example: Top left = ... era. Top right = Botton left = Botton right = Thank you
  4. Hello!! I have this shooter qualification badge. Can anybody help me with the periodo of this badge?? Thank you
  5. Hello!! I have in my collection some of these Badges, i bought them in several lots Vietnam War and ww2. What are they ww2 made and Vietnam War?
  6. They cost me around 20€-24$? To make them.
  7. Hello!, I have the same problem and I found the solution. I use a photo portrait, there are many sizes. But it is important to find one enough with big thick background frame. Later you need a piece of cloth to be in contact with the patch, insignias, etc. If you want to show medals, I also add cushion filling. You will need to cut the cushion material and the cloth at the same meausure. I hope you understand what I want to explain with my english.
  8. Hello!! ​I need your help to identified this paint insignias. ​These are the photos. Front: http://subefotos.com/ver/?02972512ce1fb956a608ea3a6ecd1296o.jpg Rear: http://subefotos.com/ver/?e6843636ac3248866e42a27b7d71d110o.jpg Thank you for your help.
  9. Hello!! A friend bought this badge last week. I think it's good. What is your opinion? Best regards
  10. Pockets on m42 jacket were used by 101st troops only.
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