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  1. Thanks to Salvage Sailor for posting the images of the Pineapple Army insignia. I too enjoy these Interwar DUIs and SSI. Below are images of one of my favorites, a pair of 35th Infantry Regiment DUIs presented to Colonel Erle M. Wilson when he took command of the Regiment in 1936. They are unmarked but the late Jay Massaro thought they were probably made by NS Meyer. One is hand engraved: COL ERLE M. WILSON PRESENTED BY HIS REGIMENT JULY 6, 1936 The second one is engraved: COL ERLE M. WILSON Col. Wilson was a West Point gradua
  2. Mike & Paul, Thanks for looking and commenting. I have never been to Fort Delaware but have put it on the list for a day trip. Jay
  3. Below is an image of an engraved UDC Cross of Honor, a pinback by Crankshaw named to C. P. Bragg. Charles Passipi Bragg (1841-1905) enlisted as a private in Co. K, 17th Virginia Infantry on April 22, 1861. He was "Absent Sick" on the July and August muster rolls and was then detailed to the Medical Department. He became a Hospital Steward, Surgeon General's Office in Richmond in June 1863. He joined Co. B, Mosby's Rangers where his brother William M. Bragg was a sergeant. Private Charles Bragg was captured at Warrenton, VA on April 23, 1864 and sent to the Old Capitol Prison. He was transferre
  4. Thanks and I think you are correct. I just found a USN style USMS tag for sale with the same numbers configuration. Jay
  5. Nice tag locket. From Esser's WW I Pennsylvania Compensation file: Jay :
  6. Found this small sterling sliver tag that belonged to John [no MI] Bass of Baltimore, MD. The inscription "TYPE AB" was done in a different style so appears to have been added after the original engraving. Perhaps it was a key or luggage tag that was updated with a blood type? His WW II draft card shows he was born on 12 July 1911 and was living at the address on the tag. At that time Bass was working for the City of Baltimore at the Golf Pro Shop at Clifton Park. I have not been able to locate any military service information for him. Anyone know what the numbers below his name "4314-26801"
  7. Perhaps a member pin for the 9th Separate Company, New York National Guard had a number of these units around 1900. Believe the central device is a knapsack with a rolled blanket on top. Good luck
  8. Can anyone identify this enameled, screw back lapel pin with yellow, blue and yellow sections? Thanks, Jay
  9. Hi Dirk, Thank you very much for your suggestion and I think you may be correct. Will check the USMC muster rolls for his assignments in the 1880s. Jay
  10. Can anyone identify this lapel pin with equal yellow, blue and yellow enamel sections? Screw back with a flat nut. Interwar period? Thanks, Jay
  11. Here is another photo of an unidentified USMC officer, taken in Montevideo, Uruguay, c.1880. If anyone recognizes him please let me know. Thanks, Jay
  12. Identification tag of Chief Metalsmith Earle Wyatt Harper. He was serving on the USS Rigel on 7 December 1941. Reprot of the USS Rigel: USS Rigel (ARb-1), Report of Pearl Harbor Attack U.S.S. Rigel ARb-1/A9-8/(016) Pearl Harbor, T.H. December 9, 1941 From:Commanding Officer. To:Commander Train Squadron SIX. Subject:Report of particulars after battle of Sunday, December 7, 1941. Reference:(a) Articles 712 and 874 U.S.N.R., 1920. Enclosure:(A) List of wounded. This vessel was moored
  13. M1840 by Clement & Jung of Solingen.
  14. Hi Mike, Thanks for taking a look and for the comments.I'll keep looking. Jay
  15. Below are images of a photo of a unidentified 1880s U.S. Infantry Officer holding a P1881 helmet. I can see crossed rifles but no number on the cap plate. It was taken by Fernando Debas, Madrid, Spain, and the reverse is inscribed “Para Mi Tia [For my Aunt]/ Enrique” [Henry] & “This was given to me by Acacia Orena Rickard. (It was a photo given to my aunt Pantella / Aug. 18th 1914)”. Acacia Orena Rickard (1872-1958) was the wife of James Bickle Rickard. The closeup image shows three badges: MOLLUS (?), unidentified with a square pendant and GAR. Do you think he is w
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