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  1. Thanks Double S! I take it that those are VN examples? They definitely have that Japan/Korea tailor style. I had a hat and a helmet bag made there in the 90s and those guys can sew faster than I can write...and with better penmanship! I'm not sure that he would want to wear something too over the top as he is long retired from the Nav. That's why I thought that the simpler style of the WWII caps with the single metal insignia might be comparatively sedate to wear. But perhaps a simple "USS Yorktown" might not be too bad if I can find a good embroiderer. Anyone have any shots of th
  2. Good morning all, I recently bought an old fashioned Navy/Marine wool ballcap to wear around and combined it with a beat up blackened sterling EGA. Period-ish I'm hoping, but close enough for my needs if I wandered into the 50s. I am trying to recreate the cap on the Navy side for an old navy officer friend who was on the Yorktown in VN. I really like the WWII look of the caps as compared to the more modern one size polyester trucker caps of later years. My question is as to the type of insignia worn on the cap. I know that the Marines wore the same device that was normally worn
  3. I don't know if it helps any, but VMF-223 became VMA-223 in 1954 according to the unit history. Deacon
  4. All just conjecture of course, but I would suspect that it would have a Roman Numeral 3 in a red horizontal diamond if it was a 3rd MAW insignia. I've never seen markings like that on a jacket before, though by the time I was in, leather jackets were more uniform than flight equipment. Deacon
  5. Hey Kastaufer, I'm new on the forum, but I'd suggest that that insignia ia a "B", not a "3" as posted previously. It was clearly stenciled and thus probably organizational, rather than motivational. My first inclination would be that it stood for "B Flight/division" which would probably make the most sense in a larger multi-crew aircraft squadron where a flight would be more than four aircrewmen. I guess it could also be B Company, Battery, etc if the jacket fell into the hands of a non-pilot or if the owner was a "Fallen Angel". All just guesses I know, but maybe something to
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