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  1. It may be a New York Guard crest (not a New York National Guard). Try a google search for New York Guard - I saw a number of their crests and most had the letters NYG . I'm very, very far from knowledgeable so hopefully someone who is will come along.
  2. Phenomenal thread !! Thank you to everyone who posted.
  3. Wish I had one hand-painted like this one only all over, not just partial. That's a neat paint job. Lynne
  4. Vintage, I've really enjoyed the evolution of the story of your Dad's helmet. And mega kudos to 72psb for his part in the finale. Great photos too ! Lynne
  5. Does this seller also do 'bidders names private' auctions ?
  6. Is that the "rattlesnake"/"snake: camo on the helmet. Nice...
  7. While I already knew the difference in "pistol" and "revolver" regarding military nomenclature, I am still puzzled by the "REVOLVER" stamp on the belt I've posted. Maybe it's a moot point but I'm still bugged. Would not the holsters for the WWI/WWII era Colt 1911 semi-auto as well as the Colt 1917 revolver fit this pistol belt and other pistol belts of the era? If so, why is the stamp "REVOLVER" necessary ? And to the heart of my question about my belt, is it consensus that information is limited or nonexistent as to the purpose of having THAT many snaps on a belt ? Lynne
  8. Hi, Doyler. Thank you for posting. I don't have any M14 pouches to try, but does it appear that the snaps on this belt are too close together to fit those pouches side by side? Also, any idea about that word that looks like "REVOLVER" in my "yellow" enhanced photo ? Lynne
  9. Thank you, Eric, for your reply. One thing about the pistol belt in my post is the word "REVOLVER" (at least, that's what it looks like to me) as part of the manufacturer's stamp. I was wondering about that. Also the date appears to be Oct of 1950. Lynne
  10. Hello to all. I've read all of the references here on the Forum about the M1936 pistol belts so I'm totally confused. Please take a look at these photos and tell me what this is. Many thanks, Lynne
  11. I wish. Although we got a few pieces of clothing, patches had been removed. Thank muchly for the information. Lynne C.
  12. Hello to all. Any information at all on this challenge coin will be greatly appreciated. Diameter is 2"; thickness approx 3/8". Color is pale gold with black detail. Original owner was SF MSgt retired and came in a box of his "stuff" that we purchased from a family member who knew little of the sergeant's military history except for both IRAQ and Afghanistan tours. Any comments will be appreciated. Lynne C.
  13. Pretty sure it's for the US Springfield "Trapdoor" rifle. There are several "models" of this really beautiful weapon, and iIdon't know if the hammer changed in any of them. Here's a website that might help. And there are other folks here on the Forum that are 'way more knowledgeable than I am. http://www.trapdoorcollector.com/ Lynne
  14. After visiting the American Cemetery at Colleville Sur Mer, we quite by accident came upon the La Cambe German military cemetery. I seem to recall it's only a short distance from the American Cemetery. Over 20,000 souls are buried here. Without describing, I just have to highly recommend that you include this melancholy and impressive place on your visit. Husband Tom and I were so fortunate to have visited the Normandy area twice. We have always wished to have been able to stay months there. Lynne
  15. Thanks so much for your post, Cryme. My questions are answered ! Below is the text of P-E's response to you about your patches posted on oefoif forums, in case someone else here is interested. Lynne "Well, it's hard to say if they are US or foreign made. It exists many embroidery shops in the USA, and not only one big manufacturer...this is why sometime there're few variants : color of border, coloration of a small detail (eyes,etc.), reversed / normal design, back material,... At least, I can tell you they are not theater made. When we use the term "theater made", it means insignia that're sewn in or around military bases inside the theater of military operations ("combat area") ; bases in Iraq, Afghanistan,....and in my own opinion, you can also add the forward bases in Kuwait, UAE,... Usualy, theater made insignia are hand made and shows some imperfections. That being said, current theater made are more often computer made. These last ones are in my opinion less interesting in a collection (mass production, perfect looking,... in opposition of the old "theater made" insignia that were hand embroidered one by one). Opposite to this, there's what I call "foreign made" patches. This is for example patches that are made in Germany, Italy or Korea currently now. There're american troops there, and some shops offer in-country-made insignia. But this is not a theater of operation, simply US military bases around the world, they are not "in theater". "
  16. Hi to all. I have a pair of these 2nd infantry patches that were removed from a uniform. The reverse of each is all black except for the OD star. Is this in any way unusual or unique? Can they be dated approximately or country of manufacture determined ? Although the star color appears slightly brown in the scan, it is actually a faded OD. I do understand that mass quantities of subdued patches were produced and worn, and you may point and snicker at my question. Many thanks, Lynne
  17. Check what one of the buyers who negged this seller posted and seller's response. Lynne
  18. Thank you to doyler for your comments. Here are 2 additional photos just for reference. Lynne
  19. Thanks much, tarbridge. I thought they might have been repaired. But why go the trouble? Just wondering. Lynne
  20. Hello to all. I would like information/opinions on the era of these jump wings and where they were made (US/somewhere else). Thank you. Lynne
  21. Maybe they were concerned that when wearing the chinstrap in the "normal" way, it might get caught on the rear sight while the gun was firing. Lynne
  22. Thank you, gentlemen. Additional information based on Doyler's comments: Snaps on the back are not marked; the canvas is rather stiff and heavy and has that slightly "oily" smell but not heavily so. Lynne
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