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  1. Another Marine passed from the ranks of the Corps. Kenneth Earl Lavier slipped away in the early morning hours of 19 March 2020 at the Washington Veteran’s Home-Retsil, Port Orchard, Washington. Ken was 76 years of age. Born in Idaho and raised in Seattle, Washington Ken attended and graduated Roosevelt High School. Ken enlisted in the Marine Corps, it was 1965, after Boot Camp Ken was shipped to Vietnam; serving with 1st Battalion 9th Marines as a Force Recon Scout Sniper. When Ken returned home it was with a Purple Heart Medal, the Combat Action Ribbon, the Vietnam Service Medal and having a profound endearment for the Corps in his heart. Ken kept his connection with the Marine Corps, serving as president of the Marine Corps League in Tacoma, Washington. He also worked with Point Man Ministries for a period, during which he made a cross country journey to visit the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. Like so many other brothers in arms, life was difficult for Ken. He had difficulty settling down and focusing, working multiple jobs for over many years. In 1986 Ken met Loraine, they were loving partners for 34 years residing in Port Orchard, Washington. Ken was a caring step father for one of my best friends, Beth, also a Marine, that is probably what connected them. Ken also became the loving granddad for her two wonderful kids Michael and Gabby. Ken had a big and giving heart for all. Ken was an avid outdoorsman, he loved the outdoors, hunting, fishing and nature overall. He wore Michael’s your rump out trekking over Fort Lewis hunting pheasants or tossing him in a canoe and drifting down stream fishing. Gabby was a jewel in the eyes of Ken, the plan was: he was going to give her away at her wedding, but that was not to be. Ken suffered many of the physical afflictions suffered by Vietnam Veterans. Ken fought demons and disease, but the wire was beached and Ken fell. He had Loraine and others beside him at the end, and when it comes down to it that is all that matters…loved ones and family. In the early morning hours of 19 March 2020, TAPS sounded for Kenneth Earl Lavier. My best friend mom’s said farewell to her partner, my best friend’s kids said goodbye to their ‘PaPa’, and my best friend said “Semper Fi” to her stepdad. The world is a little less ‘good’ now that Ken is gone, but we will carry on.
  2. No. 3485 issued to Leander Larson. Captain Signal Corps, on 26 February 1918...
  3. The AGO card does not provide the serial number of the Purple Heart Medal William Klockau received. It does give his award date and his Wounded in Action date The WIA 7970 indicates the number of Purple Hearts awarded for combat wounds, as of that card The No 8220 indicates the number of Purple Hearts awarded for wounds and the Meritorious Service Citation Certificate, as of that card The serial number, 8184, of the Purple Heart is close to the No number, and is pretty common This info is courtesy of Fred L Borch and his article on The First Purple Hearts, from the JMOSA, Vol 56, Jan-Feb 2005, number 1
  4. I found this on Newspapers.com from the Cumberland Evening Times, Cumberland MD., 3 Feb 1942
  5. These DUIs are currently on ebay, and I would appreciate any comments about them. I have not seen a backing like the ones on these, and the blue field appears a bit green. Has anyone else come across any like these before? BTW I am looking for a couple of wartime period 331st Infantry Regiment DUIs . But any advice regarding these two is very welcome. thanks
  6. I picked this group up at the Portland ASMIC Convention yesterday. The group to Alfred Sylvester first appeared on the Fourm in September 2013, granted there are a few items no longer present but it is a smashing USMC group. Sylvester served from December 1907 through April 1941. He served with the Gendarmie D'Haiti for a lengthy time and he was the First Sergeant of the Marine detachment aboard the USS Pennsylviania at Pearl Harbor, HI., in 1941. He disappeared from the muster rolls after that; more to be determined after I get his service file. Here is the original link in 2013: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/188918-usmc-7-bar-gcmmedal-rack-with-foreign-decoration/?hl=%2Balfred+%2Bsylvester Thanks for looking
  7. Austin_Militaria…yes sir, that is the OMSA Bourse. I did not improve much on Friday. The convention had only 85 registered attendees, which is less than the convention in Denver last year. Brian...yes, I got the file also with the group.
  8. I recognized this group, especially the Tennessee Sporting Medal. It was for sale at the Orders and Medal Society of America, OMSA, show last week in Houston. I got it along with a nice US Campaign pair of medals. Once I got home I checked on the Forum and sure enough there it was. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/323984-uss-tennessee-medal-to-a-marine/?hl=swartzfager&do=findComment&comment=2602296 I am happy to add this shipboard Marine to the collection I also included a picture of the dealer selling area on Thursday afternoon about 2:15. There were about 85 registered attendees, but not all were setting up. There were some very nice exhibition displays and the seminars were interesting. Of course the best thing is meeting back up with friends and talking medals.
  9. It should be a good show, Doug has mentioned that is is pretty much sold out table-wise. The theme for displays is the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, 6 June 1944. There should be some very good displays to see. Also of note is that the NHMCA will be hosting the 2019 ASMIC National Convention, September 5-7. The convention will be held in Portland at the Portland Airport Holiday Inn Convention Center. In 2016 ASMIC held the convention at the same locale and it was great, this year looks to be even better.
  10. Brian, great group, you don't see many like this with the 1919-1920 Bar.
  11. Peter, Thank you for adding these new discoveries of Mr. Holcomb's service; the photo and ID tags are fantastic.
  12. Very nice Robert, Indian Wars Campaign Medals are always nice. Well Done.
  13. Bill_Carman

    Sam Nesmith

    More about Mr. Nesmith's work and contributions can be found here: https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/san-antonio-tx/samuel-nesmith-8029481
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