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    I am interested in Vietnam war US Special Forces/MACV-SOG jungle jackets,SOG plaques,SOG patches,Tiger Stripe shirts and berets.Also, I am interested in Vietnam war US Navy SEAL and UDT items.

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  1. Ryan, Nice SOG CCC Jungle Jacket of Donald Ramsey .
  2. Today I Bought a Copy of this Book from The Dog Tag Militaria.
  3. Apocalypse Now, one of my Favorite movie.
  4. Owen, as you will understand,I don't want to show Documents of Tiger berets and photos of Veterans,by the counterfeiters !!. My motto is: ¡¡ a forewarned man is worth by two people ?️?️ !!
  5. Martin, Thanks my friend, Yes,each Tiger Beret comes with a Document and a Photo of the Veteran Holding the Tiger Beret. as You undertand, Idon't want to show the 3 Documents with Photos of Veterans Holding the Tiger Berets.
  6. I show my Tiger Stripes Berets.
  7. That is his opinion,but Not mine !.
  8. Owen, My opinion is that they are Good pics !.
  9. I have this 3 Tiger stripes Berets. a CISO Tiger Stripes Mike Force beret from Veteran. a Prototype Tiger stripes beret. a Tailor made Tiger stripes beret from SOG Veteran.
  10. Owen This Tiger beret,it's the same beret shown on the apocalypse now movie recording ?.can You show Tiger beret liner?.Thanks.
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