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  1. All my buddies who served with me in that unit know the 175th's and 29th's history and know it well. I love the 175th but more importantly thank you for your great uncles service, truly
  2. Just leave it, trying to unhook the clamp will tear it more. The sweatband is already torn up so tension shouldn't be an issue. The liner looks great the way it is. As for the helmet not having straps, don't say that's unfortunate. There's plenty of period photos of helmets being worn with the straps taken off. Overall the helmet looks great.
  3. Yup was one of my favorite posts on this forum. Last time he was on was 2016, I doubt any of the photos are recoverable.
  4. That helmet has some beautiful patina with history to boot. Congrats on the baby, Owen!
  5. That's excellent, thank you! Ray
  6. Here is the only other OL I've seen next to an escutcheon (photo borrowed from CMP Forum)
  7. My concern is the escutcheon on the right ricasso. I know these are seen on Utica's and Onieda's but the O.L. next to it I've seen once before (photo included of that one) Behind the guard its marked UC with numbers.
  8. Yup, it's refreshing to not have an auction end early and disappear like a fart in the wind. I wish more sellers would let the auctions ride out, it's better for them in the long run and I think most buyers enjoy a good auction.
  9. Unreal... but I can't say I'm surprised.
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