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  1. Hello, Hoping someone might recognize this pin. Observe and Report motto, with a cobra in the clouds in a triangle. Pinback by S. E. Eby of Philadelphia. The 12th Observation group of the AAF has an insignia with the motto Observe and Report, but the badge is a goose in a circle. Likely this is also an observation group but have not been able to find any information. Thanks for looking!
  2. Here you go the stamp itself is smugged. Here is also a link to more info. https://forums.g503.com/viewtopic.php?t=199413
  3. FYI, Got some help from a antique and radio forum. This is a Western Electric Model No.61A Selector Key. Used by railroads, it was used as a master key at test and switchboards; also at way stations on intercalling circuits. The red stamp is a signal corps inspector stamp.
  4. Thank you for the suggestions. I will pursue the aircraft angle and see what I can find. I understood the red/orange ink stamp to be a signal corps inspection stamp.
  5. Anyone know what this device was used for? Three levers with various setting on the left and one lever on right that when pulled down automatically but slowly moves back up and makes a series of clicks. Has Western Electric maker's label. Came from an estate where there was a lot of old telephone gear. Any insight would be appreciated.
  6. Thank you, no surprise, most appreciated!
  7. Hello, Recently acquired patch. 5 1/4" x 4". Looks like cotton thread embroidered on wool. Back has black paper cover. Underneath the paper is a "cheesecloth" type backing. Front does not glow under UV, but cheesecloth material does. Has anyone encountered this patch version or have any thoughts on the UV issue? Thank you for looking.
  8. Anyone have any idea of what this is or what it was used for? No markings except on the by the lens, marked xH H L. About 12 inches long has squeeze handle switch and two cords for electric input and a tripod screw mount or possibly used hand held? Not really sure it is U.S.? Would welcome any comments.
  9. Having some trouble finding out any info. on this Patch, looks to be theater made in Japan. Any info. would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Would welcome some info. on this insignia, 5in. diameter. Said to be a baseball/sports patch from the WWI occupation period. But why the spokes around the one? Again any input welcome.
  11. Agreed, it would be great to find someone who worked in one of the factories, for some answers!
  12. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the M9 markings. I have seen versions in the 30800's serial range that were marked and lower and higher numbers that were not marked. One thing is certain Universal Camera Corp was awarded the first contract for the USMC M9 in 1941. Then to Bausch and Lomb in 1943. Together they are thought to have produced around 10,000-15,000 total. One scenario could be in the race to complete the contract, the M9 marking was not on all the stamping machines and was not considered to be a critical quality control issue as long as they functioned. The lack of the
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