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  1. Hello guys, This one is on its way to me, but I don’t recognize the specialty patch on the lower sleeve. Of course below the crow is an electricians mate, but what is the patch on the lower sleeve? Again, I don’t have this jumper in hand yet, but from what I see it is 1920’s or possibly earlier. Any help is appreciated.
  2. You are correct, the m67. And the lemon is the m26. There are just the three basic demilled grenades available to me right now. The pineapple will have to encompass all of the pineapple-like variations between the two world wars, but did the lemon appear for Korea or were they still using the pineapple?
  3. Hey guys, Trying to put the finishing touches on a few mannequins. I have access to pineapple grenades, lemon grenades, and baseball grenades. I’m assuming the pineapple would be appropriate for WW1 and WW2, but what about korea and Vietnam? When was the lemon used? And when was the baseball used? Thanks guys
  4. So we recently decided to move. We looked at so many homes, but none of them offered the space as big or bigger than the current mancave. A couple of weeks ago we finally found the one! We close at the end of May, and then operation Mancave 2.0 begins!
  5. Hey guys, I have been given the opportunity to pick this up, but have little to no special forces experience. Do this look ok?
  6. Hey guys, Just wanted an opinion on this patch.
  7. Hey guys, I know the major differences between the p41 and p47 like rounded pockets, but someone once told me a difference between the cuffs of the two blouses. One having two button holes with two buttons and the other having one button hole with two buttons? Which is which? And is this a true way to differentiate the two? I have been unable to find any information on the subject.
  8. So every war has a great reference book for US uniforms and equipment. What is the book for the US in the Korean War? Thanks in advance
  9. The scotch is in the liquor cabinet, but you get the point... http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/319190-my-new-man-cave/page-3&do=findComment&comment=2701426
  10. Thats the problem. Im finding a lot of info saying that the PRT-4 and PRR-9 were tested before being issued and thought to be a great radio. But then when it got to the field it didnt do so hot. Short lifespan, but for some reason we kept refurbishing them and I have found batteries made as late as the 80s. So Im trying to figure out how long we actually made the radios.
  11. Hey guys, Was looking to pick up a set for my display, but am trying to learn a little about them. How long were they manufactured? Were they used long after Vietnam? Is there any way to tell an early example from a late example? I have seen differences in battery compartments (some with holes, some without), is one of these a sign of an early or late manufacture? Any info is appreciated.
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