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  1. First time I've shared these I believe. Taken 20years of collecting but finally put together a share worthy collection. All are luxenberg hallmarked of various patterns except the single engraved "E" wing made by KG Luke. I will include a shot of the backs as well in the future. The only duplicate wings are the bottom three which are available to trade for other Luxenberg, KG Luke or Tiffany pieces! I am still looking for various patterns / pin types of Luxenbergs and any legitimate Luke wings as well.
  2. Finally able to land a 1st pattern KG Luke wing. Purchased from Australia and just added to the collection. All honesty I would of bought this wing no matter what the designation was on the front. However what made this more interesting is the engraved letter "E". I have not seen that letter on wings before and was hoping for some input from members. Maybe Engineer? (they did not have the engineer die and customized this way?) Not much back story was available (though the wing speaks for itself) Family said their mother had a US boyfriend in WWII. They met at a dance and dated while he was stationed there. Gave her these beautiful wings (capt. bars I aquired separately just included in the picture because they were KG Luke as well and not added to the collection yet*)
  3. I'd say #6 is a off pattern luxenberg and #8 is a 1st pattern luxenberg bomber Beautiful collection
  4. How about this tough one to find... 99th black border
  5. Picked these up for fun today. Couldnt see all in bag but a few that looked old enough for me (wwii). I dont know much on bullion or navy insignia. Any insights would be much appreciated
  6. Thanks guys, here are a few jewelery pieces I've picked up over the years. Hallmarked "Luxenberg Hand Wrought Sterling"
  7. Every time I think I've at least seen it all a new Luxenberg piece pops up. This post is for everyone to share their Luxenberg made pieces. Please share no matter what it is. If it has the Luxenberg hallmark on it I'd like to see it! Can be Insignia, Wings, advertisements, jewelry, clothing, bullion, price list ect... (made this topic here because I assume most people will have their rank insignia and/or wings). I have 100+ luxenberg pieces I can share here as well if there's enough interest, just wanted to give you all first shot at sharing.
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