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  1. I'd be happy with it nice find
  2. Thank you everybody for the comments. I'll keep digging and see what turns up
  3. I was in on that wing as well, very nice grab. I believe that is what prompted this seller to put his up the night following.
  4. Slightly different style hallmark than usually seen on the 1st pattern lukes
  5. I am an avid collector of Luxenberg and KG Luke made WWII items. Which is what originally led me to these wings (there is a KG Luke pilot). AFTER purchasing these the seller reached out to me offering the soldiers ID bracelet and that it came from a WWII pilot that was shot down and escaped from his German POW camp (this had nothing to do with why I purchased these wings). Though I thought this was a tad outlandish I did want to keep the grouping together and said I would also purchase the ID bracelet to keep everything together as it should be. Everything arrived today and I am ex
  6. Very nice collection! I believe I helped add to your collecting funds recently. Hopefully you find some more goodies!
  7. Never seen this one as a greenback. Nice grab if you landed it. I would like to see another picture with better lighting of the back. The green seems darker than OD but could 100% be lighting/picture
  8. I WANT THAT ! lol very nice grab
  9. First time I've shared these I believe. Taken 20years of collecting but finally put together a share worthy collection. All are luxenberg hallmarked of various patterns except the single engraved "E" wing made by KG Luke. I will include a shot of the backs as well in the future. The only duplicate wings are the bottom three which are available to trade for other Luxenberg, KG Luke or Tiffany pieces! I am still looking for various patterns / pin types of Luxenbergs and any legitimate Luke wings as well.
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