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  1. roughly 26" x 30", I didnt press it flat to get an exact measurement
  2. I am very luck to have a dad like this
  3. I grew up in Lexington Missouri where Ike Skelton was from. After Congressman Skelton passed they had the estate sale at the Wentworth Military acdemy field house. There was quite a few interesting pieces there and this one I ended up with.
  4. # 5 - Letter stating that "Marion C. Souder - ASN 37528547" from the 105th Infantry Company G could mail home "1 Japanese Flag" dated July 22 1943 and signed by 1st LT Gaspard O Picard
  5. I received an awesome gift from my father for Christmas this year. My father is a long time antique dealer (30+ years) I call him the orginal "American Picker". He always has his eye out for things that intrest me comic books, Harley Davidson items and some militaira. Back in November I was looking at one of the sale bills for a local auction he attends regulary and seen a captured Japanese flag with paper work and some comc books on the sale bill. So I stopped by the sale barn and checked out the comic books, but could not find the flag. I called my dad and told him what I wanted to spend
  6. There is some light pitting there are some flaws due to age, but the revolver was well cared for. Only thing that appears to have been done it keeping it wiped down.
  7. I am attempting to locate any information/history on a Colt 1860 Army revolver with matching serial numbers. The revolver belonged to my girl friends deceased father. The story is that her great grand father who lived in the Lawrence Kansas area found the revolver in the hollow of a tree. The revolver was kept in a display case up until about 15 years ago,when one day it disappeared. The revolver was mysteriously reappeared in the attic of my girlfriends parents old house, about a week ago. The revolver is all original with matching serial numbers with the government proof marks "D" a
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