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  1. Thank you for the information Charlie! -UH
  2. Thank you for the kind words fellas.
  3. It's a beautiful thing when they "find" you! Nice jumper!
  4. I do not…yet. I plan of getting photos of some of my stuff to post up soon. Just posted some shots of a S&W Victory model I have in my USMC aviation displays. Just now getting around to taking photos.
  5. Here are some shots I thought I would share of my S&W Victory revolver and holster. This is displayed as part of my USMC aviation collection. This is an all numbers matching pistol. I am very fortunate to have this in my collection of artifacts.
  6. Sadly, no new information on my end. I currently have the boots I posted on display with my 1905 Marine display.
  7. Outstanding collection!! Keep up the excellent work! Don't ever lose the passion.
  8. Jack, Your artifact additions are outstanding! As always. I wouldn't expect anything less. Thank you for sharing. Sean
  9. A fine collection and tribute to USMC history.
  10. Outstanding. The photos really bring the human aspect to the forefront.
  11. Outstanding find! Been looking for one myself!
  12. The mystery of the this hole is just that…a mystery. It is believed that USMC haversacks with the third hole however are post WWI.
  13. Thanks for all the ideas fellas. A lot to naw on. I do have a miter box so I could consider making my own frame. I will take photos when I get back from from over the weekeend. The way I acquired the flag was from an OIF vet. It was given to him by his CO. Sadly neither of them can remember what ship it came off of. Sean
  14. No, it's as I wrote it. 115" x 5'. Yes I have wall space that big.
  15. Outstanding set of pinks Jack! Sean
  16. Hello all, I have a WWII ships ensign that is 115"x5' and want to display it on the wall. I priced framing it and the cost was ridiculous. Any ideas on how to display this behemoth? Sean
  17. Those appear to have a cuban heel vs the traditional flat heel. One thing I have noticed for sure is the earlier boot seems to be of a narrow style and got progressively wider through time.
  18. They are almost spot on aren't they? What numbers do you have stamped inside?
  19. Well here are the photos. Looks like they might be thumbnails.
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