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  1. Dittos. The number of common flags purported to be of great historical significance is becoming ridiculous. Even worse there are a couple of regular eBay dealers who are purchasing authentic military flags on eBay (at good prices) and reselling them days later on eBay (for hundreds more) with stories that are beyond ridiculous.....even some with “authentic” bullet and shrapnel rips. Buyers beware!
  2. The flag attached by a rope with a brass ring & snap. The rope has been removed from this flag without damaging the canvas header. The impressions of the stitching remain.
  3. Thanks! It is a very rare flag. According to venerable flag collector Ben K. Weed (OldFlagsWanted) the Mare Island made RKF is one the rarest of all RKF's. I am aware of only one other surviving Mare Island RKF, dated February 1936 and one NY Naval Yard made RKF similar in all respects. I imagine that most of these US made RKF's met unceremonious ends after December 8, 1941!
  4. Some photos of my newest flag, a very rare Mare Island Naval Yard made first pattern RKF. It is large....8' x 18'. Still in great shape for 85 years of age. Multi-piece appliqué and sewn construction.
  5. From what I understand the Commissioning Pennant is frequently retained by the ship's commander, usually an officer below the rank of rear admiral (which his own rank flag) since the rank flag replaces the commissioning pennant when and admiral is aboard. For as small and non-descript as the 3" x 48" sliver of a flag, the commissioning pennant is THE most important flag of a commissioned warship.
  6. well I tried to attach more photos but this size restriction won't let me.....just google Navy Commissioning Pennant and you'll see many examples of the pennant flying above the ensign. It is only removed when a flag officer or VIP with their own positional flag is aboard and the pennant is replaced with that rank flag.
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