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  1. Would appreciate any help members can provide in identifying this pin/badge. Thanks!
  2. Hoping someome here can ID these for me. They appear to be bronze and 1 5/8" tip to tip. Thanks.
  3. Thank you all for your input!
  4. Actually I'm selling this set and wanted to get an accurate description.
  5. I would like some help dating these wings. What is the significance of the "Imperial" mark? Thanks.
  6. Can someone help me date thses Meyer wings? Also a pair of H&H wings in next post.
  7. Thanks...let me know if you decide to sell it ($40?) or trade for another piece of militaria. Joe
  8. Here's a pic of the many badges in my collection: Joe York, PA
  9. This is a Corps of Engineers employee badge for the Vicksburg, Mississippi Engineer District. Badges like this were in use in all Corps Districts and Dvisions from the 1930s through the late 1940s. The early ones often had "Engineer Department" in the lower banner rather than "Corps of Engineers" as is the case with this one. I believe that you are correct about the hole but most that I have collected over the years (40+, all different) are intact. I do not have a Vicksburg badge so if you decide to sell or trade this one please let me know.
  10. Thanks, Al, good catch. I think you might be right...I'm going to follow up on the AMCRAFT idea.
  11. Yes...I am referring to the concentric circles. Has anybody seen this before?
  12. I am hoping that someone on this forum can ID this maker's mark. Thanks.
  13. Best I can find on the web is that Volupte made ladies compacts and some men's jewelry items but used a different makers mark. Might you have a reference?
  14. Tried the Wartimecollectibles but it keeps timing out.
  15. I amtrying to ID the maker of these sterling Army wings. Have never seen the 'V' in a circle before. Is it an early Vanguard mark?
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