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  1. Im looking for any medals for Joseph Moran , US Army WWI He was from Chicago, Illinois (Forest Park) he was "I" Company, 177th Infantry, 89th Infantry Division. Also looking for any medals for a Thomas Moran. He was also in the US Army in WWI, and Also from Forest Park, IL. He is Josephs brother.
  2. You got hosed, Hardcore hosed.
  3. Not just WWII. I used to do Rev War with the NWTA, in Illinois before I joined the Army then Moved away. We used to have 4 battles a weekend, 2 the British would win and two the Continentals (Americans) would win. One of my friends, who is now gone to the Great Beyond, was a tactical genius, and actually won one of the battles we (the Crown Forces) were supposed to lose. There were some unhappy people on the Continental side that day.
  4. Yup, with the magical ability to turn a 12 pack of beer into domestic violence!
  5. Its the media! It's like when they always go to that "special" person that's the stereotypical redneck and they described what a tornado sounds like after the storm has gone through.
  6. Ugh, I have one that stinks like fish.
  7. Looks like the Gortex parka, but in the Aramid (flame resistant) for Aircrews.
  8. Knowing IL, he's not going to get it back, and if he does its a miracle.
  9. I would not recommend Man the Line Uniform products. I bought a pair of their USMC boondockers and after three days of use at an event, the heels are falling apart. You get what you pay for.....
  10. I still have my BDU's, DCU's, ACU's and Dress Greens....
  11. It's like the SCI-FI Channel started doing history movies!
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