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  1. Thanks again to everyone its answered all my questions.
  2. Thanks everyone for all your help does anyone have an idea how much something like this is worth? I was told by one dealer not much whatever that means.
  3. As requested here are more pictures. The pistol was chrome or nickel plated at one time. I hope this helps.
  4. I received a Colt SA forgery and I'm trying to figure out where it was made and if it has any value. It looks like a Colt and has bone handles on it with a 5 1/4 inch barrel. It was in a western holster and is 45 Cal. I looked at the markings on the barrel and was able to make out most of the letters they are as follows: AU-EHREVOL VERTHAN RHERTLENA the "H" may be an "A" on the 2nd line RUSK ARIAN__ __ TANDANA
  5. Thanks you for your help it looks like the photo was printed backwards. Have a nice day.
  6. Here's another one I made it lighter.
  7. I hope this picture will help you out I took a close-up of yjr shoulder where the patch is. I had to make it smaller so it loads on the page. Good luck and thanks for ;looking at it.
  8. I'm trying to identify the unit that my wife's uncle was in. He fought in Europe in WWII and was awarded the purple heart. That's about all I can tell you I took a picture that has his unit patch on his sleeve and got as close as I could get. Pictures are attached. Sorry but these are all the photo's we could find of him in uniform he died in 1989.
  9. I picked up a hat cord at a tag sale its more a Bronze almost Tan color as opposed to a cavalry yellow. The tassels are still tied with the original thread so I assume it was never used or worn which tells me the color difference is not from being soiled. Does someone have an idea what brnch or corps it was for? I included a photo of a yellow cavalry cord and the one I just bought. Thanks
  10. There's nothing on the tag anymore after all these years its all gone I even tried using black light but that didn't work. Glad you like it.
  11. The pictures of the 1872 helmet is listed under Latest Finds and Acquisitions,,
  12. I got this a few months ago from a friend who is selling some of his 60 year old collection. I've been wanting to buy this one from him for years and he finally sold it to me.
  13. Thanks everyone for helping me out now its time for me to look for a real one. On the request for the 1872 helmet are you talking about my officers 72 or something else?
  14. I bought a bunch of WWI EGA'a and in the lot was a China Relief Expedition Medal that has no ribbon on it. My question is it real or not? I found the correct ribbon for it on e-bay but before I start doing anything to it I would like to know if its a repro or not. If it is real I will need to find someone that knows how to attach a ribbon to it. Please advise.
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