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  1. Hi here is a recent find which I thought to share with members here, as it was common to both Union & Confederate troops in your Civil War 1861 - 1865 (now if I have these dates wrong I apologise! am Irish and learnt English History!! typical that! our school system seems out of kilter!) Steel fittings YATAGAHN blade, leather scabbard, with steel mounts and marked "F.N." these where very poular with the North & South in the American Civil War. Now anything you can add to this would be appreciated and will add to that which I have already learnt. A bit about the item,found i
  2. Last ones you always find a couple slip the net! appreciate any help and sorry for hogging this thread! cheers billy
  3. Being Northern Irish am interested in finding out about the Shamrock on Red Square?
  4. Top right and Bottom right pre 2nd W.W. rank stripe was hidden away and snuck in
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