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  1. John EDIT - looks like a date and maybe a name scratched into the back of the wing. ehle1775 can you confirm this? On the back, scratched in by hand, it says Love Joe on the left hand side with J.A. in the center and 2/6/1945 on the right hand side.
  2. These are a new set of wings I just recived I do not have a good feeling about. Does anyone know if they are actually WWII to eara or current production wings. Thanks! The back is hallmarked with STER 4/200K.
  3. There certainly has to be a good reason for that devil dog not wearing his protective gear. The Corps does not mess around anymore about issuing or making individual Marines were all their personal protective gear. That photograph however, is the ultimate example of the importance of wearing all your protective gear helmet, eye protection, and body armor with all its components. Thanks for digging up those pictures I am going to save those they will make a great teaching aid.
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