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  1. Hi Jeffro, I have a friend whose father was in the squadron and he showed me his dad's patch and papers. The patch is identified as VB-1. I also found a photo of an SB2C Helldiver on the internet some time ago identified as belonging to Bombing squadron 1. I'm confident the patch is theirs. I have written a book(s) on WWII Navy squadron insignia that I planned to publish in two volumes (one for CV and CVL squadrons and one for the squadrons flying from the more than 100 CVE escort carriers) but have run into leagal problems as Disney studios forbids any of their designs to be published for p
  2. Hello, Your patch is for VB-1 (Navy Bombing Squadron 1) They were established in 1944 and flew Curtis Helldivers. They flew with Fighting Squadron 1 who adopted the tophatters insignia of a different squadron except their patch had a large numneral 1 behind the hat. Yhis is a rare patch and I would be interested if ever you wish to sell. Mike
  3. Hello, This patch is definately the WWII patch for VB-18 or Bombing 18. It is absolutely original and of the period. When it became an attack Squadron the design was changed to depict a small boy wearing boxing gloves and then when it was redesignated once again they went back to this design. This is a rare patch and if I didn't alreadfy have one would go after it myself. navyair-ww2
  4. Hello, The plane is a TBM/TBF Grumman Avenger Torpedo Bomber. They were widely used by VC squadrons along with the F-4-F Grumman Wildcat fighters which made up the complete Composaite squadrons. They had a three bladed propeller and I can only see one blade so I belive the other two blades are hidden by the edge of the photo. Mike
  5. Kurt, I too was surprised at the final bid on this grouping. I have a large grouping from a pilot in the same Squadron including his log book which notes three confirmed kills and 3 probables. Also included are his rigger modified flight helmet, trunk, photo album, plus his log book and wings from before the US entered the war and he flew in the RCAF. The jacket is especially rare as the squadron was commanded by Ed Overend a former AVG squadron leader and the VMF insignia painted on the jacket was taken from the Hell's angels insignia from that unit. Also Kurt, I want to thank you for your e
  6. Jeffro, You are welcome. I could do a book on non Disney patches but it seems a shame that some of the most colorful patches are Disney Designs. I'm still trying to persue getting some authorization from Disney studios. It's just it takes so much time dealing with their legal department. I would like to post photos of my "patched Navy flight jackets but I'm told I haven't the proper camera for that or the know how to put them on the internet. I'm going to ask one of my sons to show me how this is done as I'm "old school" and have resisted coming into the electronic 21st Century for some time
  7. Hello, I also collect U S Naval Aviation from WWII and earlier. While my main interest is WWII and earlier NAVY squadron patches, I have also put together a fine collection of WWII and earlier flight helmets (especially rigger modified examples), patched flight jackets,i.e. M422, M422A, AN6552, and ANJ3-A. I'v been working for 9 years on publishing a reference book on WWII and earlier Navy squadron patches, but have hit a dead end with not being allowed to include the DISNEY designed patches, which make up a healthy portion of the adopted patches. They are very protective at Disney of others
  8. Kurt, Exceptional, museum quality Naval Aviation grouping. I have a Navy cross grouping from Coral Sea/Midway belonging to Cmdr. Jorgensen, i.e. Navy Cross Medal, 2 custom sewn ribbon bar groups including Navy Cross, 2 DFC's,Air Medals,etc,etc. rank insignia, shoulder boards, photos,etc. wings,misc. carrier related items. Historic material such as your grouping is top of the line and VERY RARE! You have an eye for quality and proves the point that knowledge and research is PARAMOUNT! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Kurt, Since your trunk is of the WWI period, my guess is that the winged devil riding the bomb represents more of a personal aircraft indentification rather than a squadron design as such. Painting a personal design on one's plane in this era was very common. I cannot find any reference to a squadron insignia that matches your painted trunk. It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY to be a variation of the VB-13 squadron insignia of WWII. I take it the USNFC represents United States Navy Flying Corps. Navyair-WW2
  10. Kurt, BRAVO! BRAVO! One of the most historical military grouping to appear on the FORUM WEBSITE! This is NAVAL AVIATION HISTORY at it's BEST! Navyair-WW2
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