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  1. I would go to this website put together by Mark Bando and study the various examples of 101st Airborne Division SSIs. https://www.101airborneww2.com/eaglepatchcorner.html
  2. I picked this up recently and did a double take initially as I thought it was a UDT patch due to the frog with a cigar in its mouth, sailor cap and dynamite which is similar to the UDT's Freddy the Frog mascot. I found out that Harbor Clearance Unit 104 is one of the post war reserve HCUs located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  3. Here is a OSS Phycological Warfare Branch uniform I saw on eBay a couple of weeks ago. There were numerous photos of this uniform and the OSS collar badges looked real from the front but there were no photos of the rear. I asked for photos and the seller sent me photographs of a rear pin back assembly which immediately told me that this uniform wasn't genuine. Again with only a front view of an OSS collar badge you cannot tell the genuine collar badge from the fakes.
  4. I was wondering what information you have concerning this OSS Phycological Warfare Branch collar badge? I have yet to come across a period photograph of anyone wearing this particular variant of the OSS collar badge. The close up black and white period OSS photographs that I have come across where you can make out the collar badge all have one look to them which is the same look as the front of the above Robbins hallmarked OSS collar badge. However there is no way of determining what the back looks like from these photographs and because of this you see so many copies with the same front bu
  5. I believe your worries about the authenticity of this OSS collar piece is well founded. It just sold for $967.00. I have one in my collection which I've had for probably 20 plus years. I thought it was original until I received some information from other collectors concerning some type of bulk group purchase by unit crest collectors that occurred in I believe it was the 1950s. Supposedly these DUI collectors got together and had a number of hard to find unit crests manufactured to include this Robbins hallmarked OSS collar piece. I was wondering if other collectors have heard of this bul
  6. This is a 1970s made reproduction of the British 50-52 Middle East Commando cap/beret badge. It represents the knuckle knives some of them carried in the field. This can be traced to the 1970s reproductions due to the twist in the rear lugs.
  7. Thanks for sharing this as I've never come across an embroidered LDNN patch that I was 100% sure was genuine. Now we have a picture of a real one.
  8. Here is a Cambodian paratrooper wing that is not numbered but has the correct address in the Drago hallmark that dates it between 1952 through 1960. This wing would have been used as a template for the above sandcasting where you can made out part of the hallmark.
  9. Here is what I believe to be a period South Vietnamese made Cambodian paratrooper wing. The construction is exactly like the SVN made sand casting US paratrooper wings that you come across every now and then. So in my opinion these were manufactured after the French Indochina period but during the Vietnam War so probably worn by US advisors.
  10. Here are photos of the three other variants.
  11. I have come across four different variants of this scroll and your piece is a fifth variant. I don't know how much it is worth but one of the variants pictured below sold for $104.00 in 2014.
  12. I thought I would contribute to your thread regarding a jump jacket I used to own that was worn by Capt. Roy E. Anderson (June 24, 1918 - December 30, 1999) of the 504th P.I.R. It is my understanding that he participated in the boat crossing of the Waal River. His name is stamped on the inside of the jacket which is currently on display at a museum in Belgium. The only thing missing from the jacket was the 82nd Airborne Division SSI. I found the jump jacket at a flea market and I actually tracked him down when he was still alive as he lived in the same county as I did. However he had suff
  13. One of these is currently up for sale (see link). The seller identified this patch as 4400th Combat Crew Training Squadron. https://www.ljmilitaria.com/usafsosaircontrolarrsarefs/
  14. You are probably aware that this tabs sits above an 8th Army patch and is Korean made. My question would be when was this tab produced in South Korea? Is it from the Korean War or more recently? I understand that Company C, 47th Infantry Regiment was named the Raider Regiment back in 1917. So was this an elite unit or a regular infantry regiment given the name Raider? There is currently one of these tabs attached to an 8th Army SSI up for bid one eBay (see link). I don't know the answers to these questions but am very curious myself so maybe someone else will enlighten us.
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