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    Love photos from both sides of World War Two as well as Uniforms of the US army of the same period

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  1. https://www.verliesregister.studiegroepluchtoorlog.nl/rs.php?aircraft=&sglo=T4087&date=&location=&pn=&unit=&name=&cemetry=&airforce=&target=&area=&airfield=




    I am a new member at this forum and i saw your post of a picture of Naughty Patricia.  At this moment i am working at a viewer   https://arcg.is/bzemS0  wich shows airplane crashes in the netherlands during WW2.  It is updated up to Market Garden 17-09-1944. 

    Next to it i added a link to SGLO Study Group Air War Netherlands with the file of the plane.  

    Hopefully you can use my viewer to find more Amarican planes. 


    Kind regards Jan


  2. Jack, I picked this album up on ebay about 15 years ago. It wasn't listed as a 11th AB album but it was a feisty bidding war all the same. mike
  3. very nice and historic set of flags! the rising sun flag with the dried blood reminds me of a flag my neighbor had. he was a Marine on IWO and he acquired his the same way and in similar condition.
  4. As stated, very real and very nice. IMO Indian bullion work during WWII was some of the best, with Italian a close second. Mike
  5. Bill, believe it or not I laid it on my scanner and the inverted the image with photo shop. Mike.
  6. Good morning all. I thought I would share the results of a bit of research on a 1st pattern ETO enlisted mens jacket I have in my collection. I have had it for a few months and just no got around to looking it over. I checked the pockets and found a 29th Inf. Div. SSI in the pocket. There are no ghosts of a patch on the sleeve so just wonder about that. I also noted a crossed out name and full SSN. Did a little research and will let the photos tell the rest. Enjoy! mike
  7. Love it!!! I talked to a fellow that after the war his dad had a company that was local to where I live that broke up liberty ships and other vessels and the amount of firearms in the ballast area of the ship was amazing. His dad kept some of the nicer ones which they registered in 68' Mike
  8. WOW!!! very nice pickups! Here is a photo of Wimmers wearing a similar cap. Wonder if it's the same one. Mike
  9. Photos were my first love in as much as collecting goes. I have always thought of it as a window into the past and the details in the background add so much more to the image! Love the one you posted! Mike
  10. That is a nice jacket! Good meeting you today and happy collecting. Mike
  11. Kurt, I have no idea of the value but enjoyed the read! That sounds like some of the rememberances that would be shared fondly at the unit reunion. Mike
  12. Trevor, the first one is Jumping on Tagaytay Ridge and the second is Lake Taal From Tagaytay Ridge. Mike
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