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  1. 29navy, Thank You very much for this information!!!! It never would have occurred to me that the battalion would have different awards than the division as a whole.
  2. Sadly, if the Army provided paperwork with the medals, it is lost - after all they were sent almost 50 years ago. It could be that since the early 70's the Army changed the official list of campaigns the 86th participated in. I'm just stuck on a source for the correct information. If my Dad was sent two stars instead of one, then someone made a mistake! What are the chances of that happening?
  3. My Father served in the 332nd Field Artillery Battalion, 86th Division in WW2. The ETO ribbons he brought home from service were mounted with one bronze battle star, listed on his discharge papers for the Central Europe Campaign. In the early 1970's we requested the Army furnish his medals. When the medals arrived, his ETO had two battle stars attached. I don't recall any paperwork was furnished by the Army, and never thought much of it. Recently while researching his Division, I noted that most sources credit the 86th with one battle star. I did find a post by a member here from several y
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