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  1. Mason that is a great example of an athletic sports sweater and cool to see how they applied the track tag. Kinda like a hash mark. They come in various colors too, blue/white and black/orange come to mind. There are FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, BASEBALL, BOXING etc... to represent what the individual athlete excelled in. The sweaters were actual awards and not just any jock could get their hands on one. I'm certain "Savage Sailor" has seen 1930's trophy tables photos from Schofield Barracks before the prizes were awarded at the annual Inter-Departmental Athletic Awards Ceremony. I think there
  2. I'm just thinking out loud here but weren't these circular Marksmanship Cuff Rating Chevrons intended for the enlisted? Earning them a few extra dollars a month on top of their regular base pay rate.
  3. Above I dug out my metal backing systems display that was designed by Capt. C.R. Welsh of the 9th Sig. Co. during the earlier half of 1920's. Somewhere I have a prototype brass plate system with no incised markings on it that I was comparing it to the 91st metal backing material.
  4. Over on the Shoulder Insignia thread Bill Scott starts, "Need help with ID" that shows another on of these multi-colored MG Specialist Chevrons. Check out what it's on.
  5. Beware, there's one exactly like this on a 26th Cav Regt coat being auctioned on eBay and it's not on General's uniform. Like what is stated the speciality chevron should be O.D.
  6. I concur with the 91st and the recent 26th being trumped-up. On the 91st I'm completely in camp with the observation of Tan Khaki vs. Olive Khaki worn in the P.I. during the interwar years. Different story for the Territory of Hawaii and the tunic itself looks typical of what a locally Hawaiian manufactured tunic should look like. This however is not to say that a former Hawaiian Division/Department soldier couldn't had farried an Olive Khaki uniform over to the P.I. Probably wouldn't have lasted for very either for not being uniformed with the other troops, sticking
  7. I thought I had responded to this question of the Sgt's shoulder strap insignia. The single diamond is the rank of ROTC Cadet Major and the color scarlet would be representative of the Artillery Branch of service of which Sgt. Drummond was part of the 104th Field Artilley assigned to the ROTC program either at a high school or university. This is a nice insignia addition that is rarely encountered on interwar uniforms. Very cool.
  8. Sorry Mort the RAIDER tab in question was never in my possession nor had I ever made reference of this being a 8245 AU related tab. Matter of fact and before this thread I never seen a tab like this one before. Perhaps your thinking of Dennis Kim who specializes in elite units that participated the Korean War. In regards to this possibly being a "PAGAN RAIDERS" tab of the 179th Infantry I do believe it is highly unlikely. Their colors were red, black and white. The 1st Battalion was just a tab of the mentioned colors above and only the wording RAIDERS was on it according Clyde Antrim
  9. If I recall correctly this particular image came out of a 1943 HAD periodical. Evidently, there were two companies that were both equipped with 30 Cal. M.G. to defend the strategic fuel reserves all stored in Red Hill area. From this location a pipeline reached Pearl Harbor. If you look real close at the images you'll notice the obvious "V" and "O". But the letter within the "O" is the letter "F". Not quite the acronym match for Red Hill Volunteer! We've theorized that this was a unit specific designation for "Organized Filipino Volunteers" of the Red Hill sector. I'm aware of at le
  10. The patch shown on BG Van Horn Moseley is representative of Commander and Staff of the First Cavalry Division. The attached image (from the collection) shows one example that has snap backs on its reverse for easy removal during laundering. There are single starred First Cavalry Division Shoulder Insignia too! These were representative of the two different brigades of the division. The difference between the two (as far as insignia are concerned) was the color of the single starred bend and the horse head. Red bend, red horse head = First Cavalry Division, First Brigade, Commande
  11. Looks right to me. Here's one that had not been worn/used on a uniform.
  12. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/180278-sleeper-on-ebay/?view=findpost&p=1384940&hl=kiaiokalewa Your answer regarding the patch in question has been covered in the past. See link above.
  13. Revisiting this old post to add an updated image (I know out of focus image) of the ever growing First Army Shoulder Insignia collection.
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