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  1. Patch belongs to the 300th Military Police Brigade. Does the other shoulder have a patch, we can't see in the photo.
  2. Greeting everyone, I think I can shed some more information on this topic. I have a gentleman in my unit that was on the 2004-05 deployment. I saw this topic last week and decided to ask him about that deployment. Here's what he related to me, though it has been some time the details are a little unclear, but nonetheless: The 81st ICBT got deployed for OIF II, the unit this gentleman was in was the 1/161st INF, and he was MI at the time. The battalion took HHC/A/B and C companies with them to FOB Highlander. FOB Highlander was a former Saddam Hussein palace. I'm not sure where the location was but he said it was near Baghdad. His unit also came under control of the 3RD BDE 1st Air Cav during this time. He also related to me that the 1/303 CAV Regt was there during this time, but again, he was not sure where that unit was stationed at all the time, as he remembered the CAV was spread out over FOB Liberty, FOB Anaconda and Kuwait. It could be possible that some people from the 1/161st might have spread out over those locations as well. Hope this helps.
  3. Matmail, Thanks for the help on these. For aviation battalions do some personnel get to wear the maroon beret and the rest black? Seeing as how its with the 82nd I am guessing they do since the division is considered "airborne" but not everybody is airborne qualified within the division and since it is aviation that really is a bit confusing.
  4. Hello everyone, I found two more beret flashes at a gun show today and once again I am at loss for finding any information, but I do know one of them. The on one the right is for the 6th Engineer Battalion, but the other is a mystery. I have tried Google and looked around for Army beret flashes but Wikipedia is not that good. Can anybody tell me more on the 6th Engineer Battalion, if they ever wore a different color beret than black? Also does anybody recognize the other one? Many thanks in advance.
  5. MatMil, Thanks for finding that DUI crest, clears up a lot of things and questions.
  6. Another theory is that this person might have been a prior service vet. Judging from the jungle jacket he might have prior combat time in Vietnam and was wearing the 3rd MAR DIV patch to show a previous tour. Mind you I have no idea when the Army forbade prior service USMC veterans from wearing patches on Army fatigues. Though there were some vets that did this. I'm sure somebody more knowledgeable than myself can chime in and give a time frame estimate. There a few photos floating around the forum that show prior USMC vets in active/Guard/Reserve Army units that have patches in their fatigues.
  7. Good Evening Everyone, I bought this very good to near mint condition of M-1951 Field Trousers Liner some time ago, and it looks like they could be used with a cold weather ensemble. They are stamped with a USMC Quartermaster Depot stamp of Feb 1951 or May 1951 and have a soft almost cotton towel like inside. My questions are: Are these fairly rare and if so were they used quite heavily in the Korean conflict? Also are these part of a unknown cold weather layering system the USMC had? As I recall from USMC history of the Korean conflict the USMC and Army had little or no way to deal with the sub freezing temps and cold weather injuries during that time, could this be a item that was fast tracked for marines and sailors in Korea? Any help or info, or corrections to my theories would be really appreciated. Thanks
  8. MartinJmpr, Nice work for finding that bit of info. The JFKSPECWAR DUI does look like it would be appropriate since it is and was a school. From your previous post on the JRTC, I tried tracking down anything on the 'Web for a 509th PIR beret DUI and have had no luck. Did a DUI exist at one point?
  9. MartinJmpr, Thanks for all the info, I gathered the SWTG might have been a green beret or maroon depending on the status of the person. Does anybody have images what DUI crest would go with each flash? I figure SWTG would be a SF crest but what about JRTC? Thoughts?
  10. Greetings from another South Puget Sounder, glad you found us and welcome to the forum.
  11. Here is an update or a follow on for everyone, I visited the JBLM area again this weekend and found two more beret flashes, both of which were free for the asking. I have identified both from a Wikipedia search but I need to know which color of berets these would go with. I. E. black, maroon, green, tan, etc The one on the left is for the Joint Readiness Training Center Operations Group out of Ft. Polk, LA. The one on the right is for the 1st Special Warfare Training Group out of Ft. Benning. Also I would like to find out which pin on DUI is correct for each flash. Thanks
  12. MatinJumpr, Thanks for your insight and information, I appreciate it.
  13. MartinJumpr, Yes, I seem to recall that, when I was stationed at JBLM back in 2007, the 201st BfSB was around post at that time and the unit did have a Airborne Arc above the patch. My new question is if you are assigned as a 11X in a LRSU/LRSD and are on jump status you are authorized to wear the maroon beret and not the Army wide black beret. At least that is how I interpret the AR 670-1 regulation. As of now I can not confirm that the 201st BfSB is still around or has a LRSU/LRSD. I'm hesitant to go with what Wikipedia says.
  14. 72psb, Thank you for the information, from what you mentioned is most of that stuff available on eBay? I'm thinking that is the only place where maybe I could get what I'm looking for, unless somebody else on the forum could tell me if there is another one stop shop.
  15. blkjack07, Thanks for ID'ing the flash. It would make sense that it would be a unit out of JBLM, as I picked it up from a surplus shop near there. Would this rate a standard black or maroon airborne beret? The 201st did have a "airborne" arc above its patch and a LRSU/LRSD unit assigned to it. As I stated above I would like to restore this but I would like to know which beret it coincides with.
  16. Hello everyone, I recently came across this unknown beret flash and I am having a hard time trying to nail down the unit. I have tried several google searches and all I can come up with is the fact that the red/white inner background is cavalry, the three notches would indicate a squadron, but what really throws the search off is the yellow thunderbolt in the middle and the thin blue border around the whole flash. There are several cavalry units out there that have similar designs but nothing comes close to what I have. Or even what kind of beret this would go on. If anybody can help out it would greatly be appreciated. Thanks
  17. Good Evening everyone, I was wondering if somebody could help me find some information regarding this GENTEX brand HALO helmet. It is a genuine GENTEX brand helmet, and it is specifically made for HALO parachuting, and it was made in 01/09. There is a sticker in the back inside of the helmet with the manufacturers info. Also if anybody has information in regards to what is missing I would greatly appreciate it. I purchased it last weekend for a reasonable price, but I feel it is missing some item(s). I would like to restore it and have it on display, its just this is an area I'm not familiar with. Thanks
  18. Bob, I'd have to say that is really close in comparison with the exception of a few minor differences. Thank you for taking the time to find that piece.
  19. So I am to understand that this had a fur trim on the hood at one point. I can see a thin white line just barely underneath the fur ruff and stitching. Also, was this a stand alone item or could it be used with a white outer garment? I do appreciate your comments gentleman, thanks.
  20. Greetings, I need some help with any and all information on this WWII type of winter gear. I believe its a OD anorak or some sort of pullover that has outer and inner fur lining but with a half zip front and buttons all along the rim of the hood. I haven't been able to find any photos of this except for one in a 10th Infantry Division (Mountain) static display with no caption or description. Any help from some of the WWII collectors and/or some people who collect 10th Mountain stuff would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Does anybody know off hand when the RIGGER's wings were switched from the right side above the last name tape to the left side and put in ranking order in regards to other awarded badges/devices?
  22. MartinJmpr, Yes, they still use the pogs in theater. I was in Kuwait earlier this year and picked a handful of them while at Camp Arifjan and Buerhing.
  23. There's even some leftover urban tracks camo in there. That's a rare find.
  24. Here’s a recent update for army surplus in Tucson, AZ. There are only two stores in town but both go by the same name of Miller’s surplus. One is near the downtown area and the other is more on the opposite side of town. Miller’s Surplus #1 is co-located near the downtown area and is very big, spacious store. Though parking is a big problem where the store sits, so you may have to drive around the block to find a spot. Once inside it’s a cross between a clothing store and something that looks like a army surplus lot. There are aisles and aisles of work clothing, work boots, clothing for bikers, pseudo military looking or cheap military looking items, etc. There is one whole section that is definitely army surplus though there is a lot of cheap military stuff in their too, If you look hard though you can find some great deals on military rucksacks and web gear. Next to that is a camping section where you can find lots of civilian gear mixed in with a half a wall full of freeze dried food and MRE’s. Lots of good deals I found there, sleeping bags, cots, some survival gear an such. Prices are very good if you need to pick up something last minute. The store does have a vintage look and military feel to it, the walls have vintage clothing from long ago, posters and newspaper articles also are grouped around some spots. Only downside is that there is a good deal of odd or sketchy people aimlessly walking around and it was hard to find a salesperson for help. I did see a few sales people though but trying to get someone’s attention seemed like a problem. Not a bad place from first impressions. Millers’ store #2 was different. Store #2 was located on the opposite side of town just off a major boulevard. It is smaller than store #1 but has the same amount of gear you would find in the first place. Lots of civilian work clothing, cheap military gear, and some good surplus mixed in at odd places. Lots of civilian produced rucksacks, day packs, gun accessories, parts for guns, camping gear, etc. Both stores have military clothing apparel but does not have a great selection of used clothing. Prices are pretty good for what you may be looking for (MRE’s, freeze dried food, individual medical stuff), higher for the hard to find stuff (web gear, rucksacks, tents, sleeping bags), and some things like used M-1 steel helmets were way overpriced, this to include a large selection of GWOT items that, those too, were way over inflated on prices. Both locations are the only places in town to find some really good surplus or last minute camping-hiking gear. Both are fun to just look around and see what may be stashed in a corner or on display. Prices are good in some aspects and a total rip off on others. If you have a chance drive further up to Phoenix where there are more stores and a better selection.
  25. Here are a couple of places if you are looking for surplus within the Portland area. Alleycat Supply located in Boring, OR. Very large building and parking lot. Has a lot of surplus and throw backs from a time long ago. Very spacious inside and has the true surplus store feel. The store has lots of oddities too, so you never know what is in stock. Prices are reasonable. There are large bins of oddities to rummage through if you feel adventurous. The back of the store also houses lots of civilian tools, gear, and camping stuff too so you may have to look past all the military to get to the bargain stuff. Next, Aloha Surplus located in Beaverton. This place is in an old converted church which is why it looks so odd from the outside and inside. Parking is limited but once inside you can spend a lot of time just looking through stuff. Has a lot of modern clothing, hats, cold weather jacket, cheap overseas made stuff, etc. Good selection of ammo cans, and used military items, web gear and such. Prices are on the steep side for what I wanted to pay but found one or two items that were within my range. Has a wall or two devoted to collectibles from past wars. Probably one of the places around that is still a true army surplus store.
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